The Right Tools To Take Care Of Our Children #coldandflu

The Right Tools To Take Care Of Our Children #coldandflu

We’ve ran through Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home and unfortunately you caught that nasty cold circulating and now you need a Cold And Flu Survival Guide

The problem is your mother’s touch is off and everyone is cranky including you. Without waiting at the germ infested Doctor’s office for hours, you need to know if your little one does in fact have a temperature and should you worry?

We need the right tools to take care of our children when cold and flu happen.

A Well-Known and Trusted Brand Name 

You need a brand you can trust, a brand that gets the job done without question. The brand that comes to mind for me is Braun.

Did you know? Braun has been around for 90 years and their innovation has kept them leading the way. 

The thermometer that caught my attention in the Braun lineup is the Braun ThermoScan®. Being the leading brand among doctors and pediatricians, you can trust that its professional technology ensures accuracy every time you use it.

Plus, having been around for 90 years you know your Grandma used a Braun and listening to you Grandma’s advice is never a bad thing to do

Grandma did have it a little rougher, heck even my mother talked about taking internal temperatures when my first was born. Tried that and never want to go there again. Thanks to the innovation that Braun continues to strive for, measuring temperatures without hassle is here to stay. 

Did you know? A fever is an increased temperature of the body as it responds to an infection. Use an up-to-date thermometer to detect your accurate body temperature, because the hand to forehead method is not entirely precise.

Measuring Temperatures without Hassle

The Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer is best in its class providing your family with comfort and accuracy needed to ensure a quick recovery from cold and flu. The new features on the Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer has never been easier for parents like us to use. 

 Braun ThermoScan® Ear Thermometer

Features include: 

  • Nightlight. A fever doesn’t care what time of day it is and with the added nightlight for ease of night readings, neither should you.
  • Big Display. You have to move with baby when taking their temperature. The larger display screen makes it easier, giving you immediate fever readings

 Braun ThermoScan® Ear Thermometer

  • Improved ergonomics.  
  • BPA and latex free.
  • Accurate all ages. Including children under 2 years and adults.
  • Soothing warmth. The small, flexible pre-warmed tip provides comfort and accurate temperature reading.

 Braun ThermoScan® Ear Thermometer

  • Disposable lens to minimize germ transfer.
  • Fast, gentle and easy to use.
  • Professional technology ensures accuracy every time. 

“Using Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer gives this Mama confidence to fulfill the needs of my children when they are sick. Taking the guesswork out of a situation, we shouldn’t be guessing about in the first place.

Having the right tools to do the job, takes away the worry so we can snuggle and comfort the way a Mother should.” 

Shop for at: At Pharmacies (Walmart, Target, London Drugs, Loblaws, Toys R Us, Jean Coutu, Rexall, Lawtons), except Shoppers Drug Mart. With a suggested retail price: $89.99.

For more details visit:

Did you know? For soothing relief during a fever place a cool or wet towel on the back of your neck or underarms.

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