Imaginative Role Play: PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme

Imaginative Role Play: PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme

Hearing my children using imaginative role play, reminds me of my time as a child. My sister and I were always pretending to be someone else, a teacher, a hairdresser to name a few. Besides Barbie dolls and our Cabbage Patch kids we didn’t have Playmobil in our home 30 years ago children.

Did you know? Playmobil has been a successful toy line for more than 40 years.

Having themes and iconic figures for imaginative role play allows children to experiment with decision making and allows them to practice social skills. The imaginative role play opportunities are fascinating to children and highly educational at the sametime. Plus, we all know the importance of siblings learning how to share, another reason imaginative role play is very important for children to learn! 


This season Playmobil has a great new product available. It’s also its first licensed product ever in its 40 year history. Playmobil has released the PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme, just in time for Christmas! Unlike Playmobil’s iconic figures, the NHL theme figures allow kids to shoot the puck into their opponent’s net.


When we were looking through one of the many toys catalogues this season, one little boy in our house got very excited about PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme.

So much so, he asked Santa for it this year.


This original NHL Arena includes 2 goalies, 2 players from Eastern and Western All‐Star teams and 4 hockey pucks. Hockey fans can also customize their NHL Arena with player numbers for the back of the jerseys, graphics for the boards and logos of the 30 NHL teams. 

You can also add your favourite NHL team players, NHL referees and a NHL Zamboni, also on his wish list.  

When I opened up the box, I was overly surprised of the quality of the pieces. Playmobil puts quality behind their pieces, these will not break and be tossed in the garbage on Boxing Day. 

Playmobil products are made with top quality materials that meet the highest standards. Every little detail is covered off and miniaturized for imaginative role play. 


The age recommendation is 4+ years old | MSRP: $69.99 | Availability: available in all retail stores, including my favourite Chapters Indigo

Do you have a little boy or girl on your nice list that could use a little imaginative role play in their life? 

Thank you for reading In R Dream! 

One of more of the products mentioned above were gifted. As always, my opinions only. 

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