Kick Start Your Morning With A Ginger Pear Breakfast Smoothie #ONatural

If your house is anything like mine, mornings are busy. There is always one in the crowd that needs a little encouraging to get moving. There is always one in the crowd that turns their nose up to what’s for breakfast, or what’s I’ve pack in their lunch bag. There is always one in the crowd that has me biting my tongue.

That is life with children.

Don’t feel like you are all alone, because you are not. We all have those mornings where it takes all we got to keep our cool. 

This morning for me was one of those mornings, where it took all I had to keep a zoomed out picture of what was happening. We had a late night last night, and it was present on the faces and attitude of a few little ones in my pack.

The reason I believe I came armed this morning with my patience’s in tack, was because I had a healthy breakfast before my little people woke. 

Ginger Pear Breakfast Smoothie

I start every day with a smoothie. Today, I switched up the flavours a bit and my taste buds were thanking me. Since I had an organic pear that was almost too ripe and a beautiful piece of organic ginger that came in this week’s OrganicLive Box I was inspired to blend them up for breakfast. 

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Feel free to add flax, banana, coconut oil, spinach, or anything else you feel it would benefit from. Toss all the ingredients in your high powered blender and within minutes, enjoy! 

Ginger Pear Breakfast Smoothie, Pear Smoothie, Smoothie Recipe, Organics Live Pear, Orange Naturals Protein Shake


Before the kids awake, you will already consumed a breakfast that will help you keep your patience’s in check.

No matter what chaos is about to take place in your day, has you covered. 

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Since morning tantrums sometimes happen because of lack of sleep. Here is an article I grabbed from the O Natural blog with tips to help make Easy Bed-Time Routines happen. 

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How do you keep calm when mornings throw everything at you (sometimes literally)? 

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

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  1. Darlene W says:

    this sounds good, I love ginger and pears

  2. This sounds delicious and would love to try it. Wanna make me some!

  3. Sandy Guerra says:

    Love to try this smoothie for midday snack.

  4. I just love pears so I will have to make this sounds delish!! 🙂

  5. This smoothie sounds not only healthy and refreshing but also a tasty mix of flavours.


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