Bon Echo Through The Eyes Of A Child: Kidizoom Action Cam Review

Bon Echo Through The Eyes Of A Child: Kidizoom Action Cam Review

We do a lot of exploring and recently the kids have been asking me to hand over my Nikon for them to snap some pictures. Sometimes this is fine if we are strolling along a nature path or playing in the backyard. There are times where I cannot trust my Nikon in wee little hands. Saying “no” is hard, I want our kids to explore photography and be creative through a lens.

Exploring Bon Echo Provincial Park

This summer we took a trip to Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario. It was a huge highlight of our summer. We were there when Miss C was a baby but seeing it through the eyes of children, was a whole experience in its own.

It quickly became one of my new favourite places to explore in Ontario. Bon Echo is so rich in History, every corner you turn has a story to tell. The backdrop of the 100 metre high Mazinaw Rock that features over 260 Aboriginal pictographs is just one highlight tourist head to Bon Echo for.

We got to experience these features up close and personal by renting a kayak and some SUP boards.

Bon Echo Provincial Park Seen through the eyes of a child You can see the poem written here on the Mazinaw Rock. This is a tribute that was carved into the rock face to Walt Whitman by Flora MacDonald back in the early 1919. It took two Scotland stonemasons all summer to carve these tribute into the Mazinaw Rock.

Bon Echo Provincial Park Seen through the eyes of a child Well at Bon Echo Provincial Park I was inspired by the story of the Inn that once stood on its grounds. It was a place where Flora MacDonald Denison a feminists turned the Bon Echo Inn into a place for poets, artist and writers to escape to.

In 1955 the property was donated to the Province of Ontario, the biggest donation in Canadian history to date.

Through The Eyes Of A Child: Kidizoom Action Cam Review

Like us, the children fell in love with Bon Echo Provincial Park. Here are some pictures of Little O playing with the Kidizoom Action Cam well we paddle the beautiful Lake Mazinaw.

Bon Echo Provincial Park Seen through the eyes of a child Having Little O as our kid photographer with Kidizoom Action Cam during our kayaking trip discovering Mazinaw Lake, was the perfect job for him to have well riding shotgun to mommy’s kayak.

Since the Kidizoom Action Cam is waterproof, I had no worries about it getting wet. When the Kidizoom Action Cam is in its waterproof case they can take videos and pictures up to 6′ underwater.

The Kidizoom Action Cam was easy enough for our 4 year-old to use with little help from mommy. As you can see, he did a fabulous job capturing these moments during our trip to Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Kidizoom Action Cam review Once I downloaded these pictures I was impressed with the quality of them. Definitely not Nikon quality, but they turned out clear. Remember these shots above were taken by a 4 year-old and there is no fuzzy pictures here.

Kidizoom Action Cam includes everything you need to get your kid photographer capturing their action shots ASAP.  It is durable enough to handle drops and tumbles. Plus, it can go anywhere and do anything kids can do since it includes two mounts they can attach it to their bike, skateboard and more.

Kidizoom Action Cam review The Kidizoom Action Cam features a 1.4″ color LCD screen and can take videos and photos in addition to stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos. Our kids enjoyed exploring their creativity with fun effects, frames and photo filters.

Kidizoom Action Cam review “Kidizoom Action Cam allowed our children to be creative and have fun while doing so. It is very durable and since it is waterproof taking the Kidizoom Action Cam in a kayak with caused no worries. I love that the Kidizoom Action Cam allows me to relax a little and see the world through the eyes of a child.”

What will your child capture first?

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