Unique Birthday Party With Loblaws #PCStars #GuidingStarsCA

Unique Birthday Party With Loblaws #PCStars #GuidingStarsCA

It has been years since our little girl has asked for a birthday party with her friends but this year she requested a big one. I am not a big fan of overdone kid’s birthday parties. One or two friends and an experience together sounds everlasting to me. Although Cheyann is a very shy girl and I knew I needed to take her up on this request.

Our small town doesn’t have too many options when it comes to hosting a unique birthday party and I knew I didn’t have the time, nor space to house the 15 girls on her wish list in the cool spring months. I was shopping one day at Loblaws using my PC Plus Card and counting my Guiding Stars when I noticed a sign that said “We host Cooking School Birthday Parties!” 

Loblaws Cooking School Birthday Party

Instantly, I thought that was a brilliant idea and as soon as I returned home, I emailed the Cooking School Director. I gave her the date and she even went as far to shuffle the schedule to accommodate our birthday party. Lorraine said many times to me “It is my job to do everything, you just have to show up.” Lorraine took the weight off my shoulders.

Loblaws Cooking School Birthday Party

Miss C hosted a Mexican Cooking School Birthday Party for her guest which included; 

  • mini take home cake for each child
  • birthday cake
  • plates, napkins, cutlery
  • birthday candles
  • invitations
  • all the ingredients to make chicken quesadillas, homemade salsa, tex-mex taco salad
  • juice 
  • plus 2 staff

Prices may vary at different locations but I found the party to be extremely reasonable since I didn’t lift a finger. 

The girls had to prepare their own dinner from chopping, dicing and mixing each step was fully prepared by them. The whole party the girls kept saying what a great time they were having. 

Loblaws Cooking School Birthday Party

When it came time to decorate their take home cakes, is when it got quiet. They were all fully focused in making their masterpieces special for their families. We did have a few icing overloads but after all it was a birthday party. 

Loblaws Cooking School Birthday Party

Since it was a drop off party many of the parents planned to shop downstairs for their weekly groceries. Great opportunity to stroll the aisles of Loblaws racking up PC Plus points and since Knowledge is Power When Choosing Healthy Choices parents could really get the chance to learn that Healthier Choices Made Simple using the PC Guiding Stars program, in a non-rushed environment. 

When parents started to arrive, many of the girls were requesting their own unique birthday party at Loblaws Cooking School. The parents were all very impressed with all that was offered to their little girls. 

It was a great night for everyone, the kids and the parents and most importantly a night for our birthday girl to always remember! 

Loblaws Cooking School Birthday Party

Have you attended a Loblaws Cooking School experience yet? 

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Although this post has been sponsored by Loblaws, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Loblaws. We did in fact pay for our Cooking School Birthday Party out of our own pocket. 

Please note: Guiding Stars is not intended to tell you what to buy, but rather point you toward nutritious choices. Guiding Stars is also not a substitute for a physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment of a pre-existing condition. 

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