Knowledge is Power When Choosing Healthy Choices #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars

Knowledge is Power When Choosing Healthy Choices #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars

Over the course of the next 4 months follow hashtag #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars where I and a handful of Canadian bloggers will track our healthy eating journey with the Guiding Stars Program available exclusively at Loblaws stores. This is my second article of the 4 month feature. 

  1. Healthier Choices Made Simple

Sharing the Knowledge

A couple weeks ago I went shopping at Loblaws with my mother-in-law, she had us over for a BBQ and we had a couple items left to pick up. I asked her if she had heard of the Guiding Stars program, she with a puzzled tell me more look on her face, said no. You see she’s been a PC Plus member since the beginning and actually was the person to get me to sign up. Just this weekend she bought a BBQ with her points, which I was very impressed with. My PC points are no where close enough for me to purchase a BBQ.

She obviously shops at Loblaws a lot, hence the amount of points she had on her PC Plus points card. But she didn’t notice or has never been told by the Loblaws staff about the Guiding Stars program.

She was very interested and as we walked through the store she did the same thing I did when I first learnt about the Guiding Stars program and check out the PC Stars on some of my favourite items in my shopping cart.

Making Healthy Choices

I have been aware of the Guiding Stars program for two months now and I have noticed that since I have been made aware of the program, my shopping choices have been made based on the PC Stars, instead of the wants my mind is telling me to grab.

For example: I have always enjoyed eating Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla cereal. In my mind it was better option for me and my family than Cheerios and Shreddies.

Guiding Stars PC Stars choices

But as per the Guiding Stars program Cheerios and Shreddies each have 2 PC Stars and my typical top pick only has 1 PC Star. So now when I throw Cheerios in the cart, I do it with the knowledge that they are actually good for my family.

I am Accountable

If you missed my first post Healthier Choices Made Simple you may want to read about how the Guiding Stars program is calculated and my questions to the Front Store Manager at my local Loblaws.

This experience has left me accountable for the choices I place in my cart.


Knowledge is power. – Francis Bacon


Now that I have placed the knowledge in your hands, how are you going to shop the next time you walk into a Loblaws chain store with the Guiding Star program?

Learn more about Guiding Stars | Learn more about PC Plus | Tweet Loblaws Ontario | Program hashtag:#PCstars & #GuidingStarsCA

Thanks for reading In R Dream!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Loblaws, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Loblaws.

Please note: Guiding Stars is not intended to tell you what to buy, but rather point you toward nutritious choices. Guiding Stars is also not a substitute for a physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment of a pre-existing condition. 

14 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power When Choosing Healthy Choices #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars”

  • I think this is a great program. I also think it will help many families make healthier choices. I want lots of stars in my cart and will challenge my family to help us achieve this.

  • I’m glad I like Cheerios, there’s not many cereals that I do like the other one is plain cornflakes and I have no idea how they do star-wise. I’ve not actually shopped looking at stars, I’ll keep an eye out for them now and see how it goes. I think it’s really good of them to do this, makes choices so much easier, thanks PC.

  • I love the stars! We’re always on the lookout for them now and they have changed the way we shop – in a good way 🙂 Thankfully we love Cheerios for a cereal – phew! Cereals are tough when making healthy choices.

  • The cereal aisle can be a dangerous one especially when you shop with kids who gravitate toward colourful characters on the box. I am happy to know Cheerios is on the healthier side of breakfast, my whole family loves them. I have been enjoying learning through the PC Guiding stars program! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • I think the cereal aisle may be one of the more surprising ones. I was really interested to see that original Cheerios get more stars then the Multigrain Cheerios. I would have automatically thought the Multigrain would be healthier!

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