Savings Made Simple for Back-To-School Shopping #SpendtoSave

Savings Made Simple for Back-To-School Shopping #SpendtoSave

This year I am not on the ball as much as I’d like to be when it comes to back-to-school shopping. The countdown in on for the first day for many to start and there still is so much I still have to do to prepare!

In our small town (especially since a well-known red bulls eye uprooted and left) we don’t have the choice, if we physically want to shop we have to leave town to get most of what is still needed checked off our to-lists. With four kids in tow and a mile long list, that isn’t happening.

Times like this is when I am grateful for my handy online skills to work in my favour. I sign into to help me narrow down my back-to-school shopping – from the comfort of my office chair

Who is is an online resource for the money conscience part of your mind. It gathers savings from all the major online shopping websites and compiles them on their website. Before you do any online shopping you SHOULD check first to make sure you are getting the best savings at the time of your checkout.

Finding Coupon Codes with

This year our littlest one is heading into JK and like I did with all his older sibling I bought Mabel’s Labels to build his confidence. Before I even logged on to I signed into and using the huge search bar located at the top of the page I searched “Mabel’s Labels”. Quickly I got a list of possible coupon codes.

Mabel's Labels Coupon codes

I found a coupon code that matched my shopping needs and went shopping with my Mabel’s Lables discount in hand. 

Mabel's Labels Coupon codes

Thanks to I scored 10% off my total, a discount I wouldn’t have used unless logging into first!

Searching based on your needs.

Next up, I knew I needed to grab some clothing for the kids but I didn’t have a store in mind. So I logged into and browsed by categories. quickly caught my eye. An online store I wouldn’t have thought of if I didn’t log into first. 

As soon as I seen that had 30% off all sweats I headed over to see what they had for the kids. coupon code

I nabbed some fantastic deals from All Canadian and made with quality that will last more than one child. Since my children are Canadian proud I knew they would love these Roots Canadian flag shirts I bought each one for only $12! coupon code

Thanks to I wouldn’t have thought to shop when I was heading into cyber space to start my back-to-school shopping. 

Here are some more back-to-school savings I have found for you on Coupon Codes

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