Oh Canada: Dress like your Doll!

Canadian Pride

July 1st 2015 will be Canada’s 148th birthday! Leading up to Canada’s birthday I always like to order a few new Canadian t-shirts in red and white for the Canadian Day activities we will attend. Our children wear them proud all year long, so they never stay as our finest clothes in the drawer.

There is something deep down inside my soul that speaks to me when I see a Maple leaf. A proud Canadian feeling that overtakes me. Is my Canadian pride the reason I gravitate towards red being my favorite colour? I love this time of year when our stores are lined with red and white and filled with maple leaf t-shirts and hats to buy and wear proud.

I personally think there should always be a Canadian rack in every Canadian store where you can buy red and white all year long. They may not have that option online when shopping at your favorite department store but I did find an online shop that carries proud Canadian clothing all year long.

Maplelea Doll, Canadian Doll Clothes, Canadian T-shirts for girls. Dress like your Doll

Maplelea.com has an Oh Canada! section that carries something for your little girls 18 inch doll that can be match to her as well.

The quality of Maplelea products, is like no other “doll clothing” I have felt. The same goes for the Canadian t-shirt our little girl is wearing that matches her Maplelea doll Taryn.

Maplelea Doll, Canadian Doll Clothes, Canadian T-shirts for girls. If you are looking to buy a Canadian t-shirt for your little girl for July 1st you just may want to check out Maplelea.com Canada t-shirts and Maplelea.com Canada Day doll outfits, but the Canadian pride doesn’t stop there. You can shop for Canadian ringette gear, maple cabin outfit, Canadian cheerleader outfit even a Canadian swimsuit to name a few. Each outfit comes with extra Maplelea journal page and the Maplelea guarantee.

Maplelea Backpack Review, 18 inch doll backpack, Maplelea Doll, Canadian Doll Clothes, Canadian Dolls for girls. I personally think no Maplelea Doll is complete without the Maplelea backpack. This girl-sized backpack is designed specially to carry a Maplelea Girl and lots of accessories.  In addition to the doll pocket, there are pockets on the outside and inside, including special ones designed for the Maplelea Journal and Brush. Again I cannot speak enough about the quality of Maplelea products, this backpack is made of very durable fabric and construction methods that will outlast your little girls childhood.

Maplelea Backpack Review, 18 inch doll backpack, Maplelea Doll, Canadian Doll Clothes, Canadian Dolls for girls.

If you are in the Toronto area keep reading…. 

Maplelea has offered up tickets to one of In R Dream readers to attend the Maplelea Meet Up at Black Creek Pioneer Village. The contest ends June 30th. Win your tickets here.

Follow hashtag #MapleleaMeetUp | www.maplelea.com | Maplelea Facebook Event | Maplelea Twitter

Tell me your proud Canadian story.

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  1. Darlene W says:

    My one granddaughter dress her doll with the same or almost same outfit that she is wearing

  2. So fun! I remember a had a matching outfit with my Cabbage Patch doll!

  3. Cherie Varrin says:

    Neat idea. I remember having a few barbies growing up with matching outfits. 🙂

  4. kristen visser says:

    omg matching outfits!!!!! I LOVE that. how sweet, cute and a great way to get your child excited to celebrate in Canada Day

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    I think this is so adorable, love that they have the same Canadian outfits as their owners!!

  6. heidi c. says:

    How cute! I know a couple of girls that would love this!

  7. Victoria Ess says:

    That’s so cute! Maplelea dolls look like such quality dolls.

  8. I love the photos of your daughter and her matching doll! Great pic of big sister with her little brothers too. My daughter still has a favourite doll, but I feel her tween years starting to arrive sooner than I would like. All but one of my grandparents were born in Canada, so we have been here for a while.

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