Personalized Kids Beach Towels with a Twist! + Giveaway

Personalized Kids Beach Towels with a Twist! + Giveaway

As a mom of many, I like things to be the same to avoid disagreements but at the same time ‘the same’ can also cause confusion. Over the years I have relied on personalization to help me with the confusion.

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Snappy Towels

I remember my daughter getting a personalized beach towel as a child for a birthday gift one year. It was a fabulous idea and something she still has today. As great as the gift was, it was just a personal beach towel.

I came across a company who recently spilled his Entrepreneur Story in our Q&A section. Dan the founder of Snappy Towels took his son’s love of make-believe games and their family’s love of the beach and came up with Snappy Towels.

04-DSC_0198 - Copy Snappy Towels are personalized kids beach towels with snaps. They call them the all-in-one fun towel.

You can snap Snappy Towels together to make a hooded towel.

11-DSC_0143 Snappy Towels can be snapped together to make a cape or poncho.

09-DSC_0152 Wearing Snappy Towel as a cape standing in Power Pose can help you build your self-esteem, confidence, keeping your hormones in check and give you confidence when you walk in that room.


Did you know? 

Your posture can affect levels in our testosterone and cortisol in your brain. When you stand tall and proud taking up room around you, your body language will have a positive effect on your hormone levels and how you feel about yourself. Think about animals in nature such as the peacock and cobra who make themselves known to all those around them. 

A Snappy Towel can also be used as a blanket after a long day of running with the big kids. When you snap together a few Snappy Towels your blanket can grow to the size you want.

Snappy Towels, Kids Personalized Beach Towels, Personalized Kids Towels, Super Hero Towels, Toronto Beach Towels. Most importantly Snappy Towels opens up children’s imagination for endless possibilities of imaginative play.

08-DSC_0156 When your Snappy Towel is being used as a superhero cape, you grow the confidence that you will in fact win daddy in a race.

07-DSC_0162 Snappy Towel can also be used as a cover up after your done playing in the pool and snuggling with mommy.

05-DSC_0184 Snappy Towels can help you hide when you don’t want to go home to bed.

03-DSC_0216 - Copy When you have had enough of the sunshine for a moment, Snappy Towels can help block those harmful rays.

02-20150616_130508_HDR - Copy

“I am overly impressed with Snappy Towels, the idea is brilliant. Snappy Towels are affordable but you can feel the quality in each towel. Snappy Towels are going to make our summer a little more fun with the endless of possibilities to use them. I plan on having them ready in the car for spur of the moment road trips to the beach. Plus Snappy Towels will create memories and a childhood should be built on memories.” 

Snappy Towel is Generous!

Two In R Dream readers will win 2 personalized Snappy Towels each.

Canada only {excludes Quebec} ends July 12th EST. Please note: we cannot guarantee your prize will be similar to the one that was reviewed. Winner depends on the amount of entries received. You have 24 hours to claim your prize before another winner will be randomly drawn. Good luck!

  Thank you for reading In R Dream!

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