Meeting PINK in #Toronto at #TruthAboutLoveTour Thx @COVERGIRL!

Meeting PINK in #Toronto at #TruthAboutLoveTour Thx @COVERGIRL!

This month COVERGIRL treated me to a once in a life time experience. I still feel in awe over it and I am a bit shocked still that it happened to me, a small town country girl. I met PINK earlier this month at the Air Canada Center in Toronto — Squeal!

P!NK is a COVERGIRL, I am a P&G Mom and the rest is history. 

I was joined by 9 other P&G Mom’s who all precooked dinner, set the children up for the night and headed to the city of light and action, for a night in BIG T.O.

Okay it was a big night for this country girl, because it was actually my first (real) concert. Unless country fair’s count? And it was P!NK and I was going to meet her –Squeal!

Here are some pictures, tweets and fun from our night.

PINK Truth about love tour in Toronto Covergirl Party

Jaw Dropping

The show was incredible. P!NK is nothing less than a super star. P!NK worked the stage, during every minute. I literally stood in awe during most of the show. She signed autographs, chatted it up to the audience, sang her heart out and most of all she preformed. P!NK is fit. I must admit I felt very jealous of her body and desire to get my own body back. She hung, flipped, flew through the ACC on a bungee cord. It was a jaw dropping performance and one I am so grateful my eyes got to experience.


Before the show the P&G mom’s were taken back stage for our meet and greet. I was so nervous as we stood in a dark hall across from the Toronto Maple Leafs change room, waiting for the okay to proceed. I had no idea what to expect, meeting my first super star and attending my first concert. Each of the 10 P&G Mom’s had a chance to personally meet P!NK one at a time and have our picture taken by her photographer.

My Confession

It was my turn, I barely remember it all it happened so fast. She is beautiful, very natural and kind. I could tell she was very interested in learning more and she was very elegantly dressed. She put her hand out to shake mine and introduced herself as Alecia and I must have froze because she asked my name. Quickly there was a pose and a flash. She complimented my necklace, which was very pop rock picked especially for P!NK. During the quick of it all, I confessed… this was my first concert! P!NK was so happy that her’s was my first and asked why? Another confession… I had four back to back babies and been in the think of motherhood. She giggled and said she had a friend who had four babies and it seems she has been nursing for years. It was so quick and a huge blurr in the moment but having this photo to look back on, brings it all back.

P!NK About Love Tour in Toronto ACC Covergirl

Huge thank you to Covergirl, P&G, Citizen Optimum and P!NK for making this once in a lifetime moment happen to me! I walk away with a new look on women, life and motherhood. Plus a super cool memory that will be with me forever.

What was the first concert you ever seen?

Thanks for reading In R Dream!

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