Learning STEM with Kids while Camping: How to build a power pack #TransformingInnovation

Making a Simple Circuit and Conductivity Test

This past weekend we spend Father's Day weekend at a local Ontario Provincial Park. We invited friends and family to join us for a new annual event. We had a blast watching the kids play at the beach, riding their bikes and roasting marshmallows over the open flame. My in-laws joined us camping but … [Read more...]

Free Science Printables To Inspire STEM with your Children

Wild Turkeys in backyard. Kids watching Turkeys play

Then & Now It wasn't till I was an adult did I find the whole world of science interesting. As a child I don't remember being introduced to much more than what science we did in school and that I don't remember being too in depth. Today, I am fascinated by the world of science. I ponder the … [Read more...]

Young Canadians Join the Energizer Journey Campaign #TransformingInnovation

Making a Scribbling Robot at the Ontario Science Center as part of Our Journey Campaign for young innovators. energizer Canada

Our children absolutely love Science, everything about it fascinates them. They cannot get enough of the documentaries we watch on TV or the hands on experiments they try. Our daughter especially loves Science. As long as I can remember she has been talking about becoming a Scientist. She is a … [Read more...]