VICKS Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier Review

VICKS Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Old Wise Truths I remember the first few years of being a parent, each time Miss C would get a cold both grandma's would say, make sure she has a Humidifier plugged in, that always helped with our kids. Why? I would ask. No one ever had an answer for me but that it worked for them. I am a why … [Read more...]

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table Review

Baby Einstein - Discovering Music Activity Table Review Canada

Today’s guest post is from my little sister Brandy. Since our littlest turned 3 it was time to bring on someone to take over baby reviews. Brandy is a mom of two; a busy boy toddler who keeps her on her feet and  a precious baby girl. Brandy currently is on maternity leave. She is a full-time … [Read more...]

Five Photo Art Tips for Dorms: Canada’sPhoto Art Experts Posterjack

Personalize Small Space Dorms with Posterjack Canadian photo experts

If you’re a parent to college kids you have been preparing for their departure all summer. Stocking up on the essentials for their new dorm or apartment but have you remembered to fill their four walls with warmth and a special touch to give them a feeling of home and love? Personalize Your … [Read more...]

I Kandoo it Mommy! #KandooKids Kandoo Personal Care Products Review

Kandoo® Personal Care Products

Parenting can be a long windy road sometimes. We take it on with no previous experience and jump in full force to the toughest job there is. Along this windy road we learn patience in every stage our babies, toddlers and kids go through. Right now our last baby has turned 3 and with 3 comes the … [Read more...]

Smart Idea: Smart Trike Review { @smarttrike }

Smart Trike Review

Don't blink time goes quick. Lately we have been standing back looking closely at all four of our children thinking "wow can time slow down just for a moment?"  It feels like yesterday we brought each one home from the hospital and now our youngest is almost three. During those transition years we … [Read more...]

Give a Meaningful Gift This Mother’s Day from Canada’s Photo Art Experts at Posterjack

Canada's Photo Art Experts Posterjack Mothers Day gift ideas

The last few years I have been really trying my hardest to put 100% thought into every gift I give. I know my house sometimes seems filled with too much stuff and I am sure everyone else is feeling the same? It is not the 'stuff' I remember when I receive a gift, it is the gift that shows meaning I … [Read more...]

Dylan Kendall Ceramic Bowls with Feet Giveaway: Inglenuk Review Plus 40% off Discount Code

Dylan Kendall Ceramic Bowls with Feet Review on Inglenuk

Eating with your eyes. You know the phrase eating with your eyes? Most of us me included seem to just pile the food on the plate and dig in. The odd time I will try to get fancy and usually fall short of creativity in my food plating, but it always tastes good! When Inglenuk reached out to me to … [Read more...]

It is the little things. Werther’s No Sugar Added is my little sweet tooth fix!

Werther's Original No Sugar Added

Sweet tooth. There has been a few times this year that I have shared my love of living a healthy lifestyle. But I am not sure I have shared my sweet tooth or my food addiction? Yes I am addicted to gourmet food, pop corn, chocolate and ice cream, there I said it. I find it so hard to avoid the … [Read more...]

On-line Consignment with Boomerang Kids in Canada = Impressive!

Boomerang Kids Review on-line Consignment shopping Canada

Mama juggles in PJ's. With four growing kids, sometimes it can be a challenge to buy new all the time. But what I find more of a challenge is finding the time to shop in store. Whether it be retail or consignment meeting the needs of four different sizes, styles and needs all under one roof within … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet 2nd Gen { Staples Review }

Nexus 7 eye popping colour staples

Fast Moving As quick as time goes, so does technology. Keeping up to date is something I am not sure anyone can succeed at? As much as we try each season and brand comes out with another that will beat the last. In my small town there is one store we can count on that is keeping our small town … [Read more...]