Spring’s Sprung: Basic Chia Pudding Recipe

Kids making Chia Pudding, Chia pudding recipe, how to make chia pudding

The birds are chirping, trees are budding, and Mother Nature is at it again confusing us all. As I type this, outside my office window it is snowing on April 25, 2016. Maybe I jinxed us all by packing away all signs of winter in our home? Although it is officially spring, we do know that spring … [Read more...]

Taking Initiative { WW }

Water the flowers

  Yesterday well playing in the front yard King (3) took it upon himself to water the flower garden. It melted my heart to see him take the initiative and take on that chore. My housewife tip is paying off ;) How are your spring bulbs growing? Thanks for reading In R … [Read more...]

Smiling Vegg {WW}

Thank you for reading In R Dream! … [Read more...]

First Watermelon from R Garden { WW }

What's your favourite summer fruit?  Thanks for reading In R Dream!  … [Read more...]

Growing Dinner { WW }

For the last few weeks our garden has been producing some amazing produce, much earlier then the previous years. I haven't bought more then dairy, bread & milk at the store. Typically late afternoon the kids & I go out to pick what will be for dinner. It's really fun & so awarding to pick & eat … [Read more...]

‘A Joy to Share’ this Easter ~ #KinderMom

Where did the time go? Feels like we just embarked on a New Year and spring is already here. Which means Easter has arrived and little ones R getting excited.  This year’s forecast looks warm enough for the Easter Bunny to host and outdoors hunt. I cannot wait to see what he will hide! Kinder Eggs, … [Read more...]

Harvesting with kiddies

We love to garden and this is a pic of some of the yummy foods that we harvested yesterday. Our garden has, Corn, beets, tomatoes, peppers hot and sweet, Green and Yellow beans, Lettuce, Spinach, Butternut squash, Cucumber, Pickles, Celery, potatoes, apples Gala, and Mac. We HAD … [Read more...]