‘A Joy to Share’ this Easter ~ #KinderMom

Where did the time go? Feels like we just embarked on a New
Year and spring is already here. Which means Easter has arrived and little
ones R getting excited. 

This year’s forecast looks warm enough for the Easter
Bunny to host and outdoors hunt. I cannot wait to see what he will hide! Kinder
Eggs, perhaps? Let’s just cross R fingers the real bunnies don’t get into any mischief
before the morning.

Alongside chocolate eggs, and bunnies, we hope to fit in
a GeoCaching family hike. This will include a picnic lunch and a beautiful
drive through Northern Ontario. We R also looking forward to getting R garden
started, and vision the layout R veggies will take. Once again keeping in mind
last year the real bunnies got a little hungry with R carrots and corn. Let’s
hope the sunshine stays in the forecast!

Today we dyed some Easter eggs, to celebrate Easter!

This Easter along with thousands of other families across
Canada, I will be buying some Kinder Eggs treats for the kids. This Easter I
will also be supporting the Children’s
Miracle Network Canada
with each Kinder Canada Treat I buy. I love feel
good purchases, which also support a great cause.

You can read some amazing Children’s Miracle stories on Facebook, through the Kinder Canada App ‘Joy to Share’ From mothers who have struggled health battles
with their children. These mothers’s are sharing stories from their hearts. Stories
that R home to them and memories they breathe each day. Very touching stories
that melt my heart to read, I hear the strength in their words. I also hear how
grateful they R for programs such as Children’s Miracle Network Canada

who make their journey more comfortable.

Thank you to Kinder Canada
and the Children’s Miracle Network Canada
for helping mothers, fathers,
sisters, and brothers across Canada when they need help the most!

Join Kinder Canada community on Facebook and Twitter for some interacting FUN!

Thank you for reading In R Dream!
“Disclosure: I’m part of
the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation
with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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