The Toronto Castle Is A Family Experience For All Ages!

The Toronto Castle Is A Family Experience For All Ages!

A Family Experience.

A couple of years ago our family attended an evening filled with knights and horses. An evening of eating with our hands, cheering and a whole lot of fun. We got to experience Medieval Times at the Toronto Castle.

I was hesitant at the time if the Medieval Times show would keep the attention of our 7, 6, 4, and 2-year-old. Was I wrong, it was the perfect family outing keeping the kids attention from the start to finish. 

Leading up to the day, we taught the children about some of the Medieval History, we watched “The Knight’s Tale” as a family to help them understand more about the show, and they colored some Medieval printables.

I wanted this unique experience to be a memory they would hold on to forever so I had personalized shirts made for each of our four children through Vista Print.

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review

Back In Time.

Once the doors opened, the peasants (the audience) were eagerly waiting to be divided into 1 of 6 teams. We were appointed the Yellow knight to cheer on, and we all proudly wore our yellow crowns to show our pride. After a quick picture with the princess, we made our way into a big room where souvenirs such as swords were purchased. We treated the kids to swords allowing them to get proudly into character. 

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review

Good-bye, Table Matters.

Once each color was called into the arena, the show began, and everyone along the way was dressed to fit the part. The experience was authentic to the period of Medieval Times.

Our server filled our bowls with Dragon Blood (Tomato Soup), Dragon Scales (Garlic Toast) to dip in. Which was yummy. The second course was 1/2 a Dragon (1/2 Chicken), Ribs, Herb Potatoes.

Over the years you teach your children to use their utensils, that rule was quickly thrown out the door. We had to peel and separated everything on our plate with our hands.

Please note: be sure to bring lots of wipes with you and hand sanitizer.

The kids got into it and devoured their chicken and ribs which allowed them to stay seated and enjoy the show well they picked away at the bones. I must admit I have four little carnivores on my hands.

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review

The Battle Begins!

The point of the game is to cheer on your appointed Knight based on the color section you were assigned too. We were the Yellow team and our Knight dominated the night.

As the games continued, we were all confident the game was ours to take, to the point of booing on the rival teams as they passed.

In the final battle and a draw of the sword, it was all over.

Quickly I looked over at the kids and seen their emotions on their face I knew they were fully engaged in the games. The disappointment was apparent, their knight lost the battle, and it took them a few minutes before they could accept that their team the Yellow team lost.

Experiencing the show through the expressions on our children’s faces was our highlight as parents. They thoroughly put themselves into the experience completely and seeing this as a parent is truly a beautiful thing.

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review

The Knights were paired with another star of the show, the horses. I was in awe of the beauty in their moves as they danced around the arena, you could see their muscles flex with each stride. The horses completed the show and deserved their very own mention.

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review

” When we can share an experience or adventure that will teach and impact our children in a positive way it makes us as parents proud to know they will look back and say “My parents did that for me!” Medieval Times Toronto Castle was a pleasant experience for our family, and I am confident you will feel the same way.”

Sweetheart Sale

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Toronto Castle is Generous!

One lucky reader will win four (4) tickets (family pass). The winner can choose a Toronto date from now until March 31st, 2016.

Ontario only (must be able to find transportation to Toronto Castle for your show.) Ends Thursday, February 11th, 2016.

What do you look forward to most about Medieval Times Toronto Castle?

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