Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone Review

Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone Review

As I sit here and type, I am plugged into Spotify, streaming a no lyrics playlist. One of the first things I do, before I start to work, is put on my Monster N-Tune™ On-Ear Headphone. My working playlist changes with my mood, one day I will be streaming a mellow jazz and the next day I am clicking my keypad to Guilty Pleasures playlist.

Monster N-Tune on-ear-headphone Review Music is always around me, in the car the office and when I am cooking in the kitchen. I am that Mom with the beats blasting a little too high driving from point A-B. Music can change your mood from sad to happy; music can inspire and fill your day with an extra bounce in your step.

Drowning Out The background

I’ve used those lower end headsets before, and the thing with them is, you don’t drown out the background. Since I work from home, there are times I need to drown out my husband and kids in the next room. Allowing me to focus on the task at hand. Monster N-Tune On-Ear headphones don’t claim to cut out background sounds, but they do just that. And for work at home Mom’s it is little things like N-Tune that make your day extra smooth.

Crystal Clear

From my recent Monster SuperStar BackFloat review, you’d know that louder is better. Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone back a punch. The bass is incredibly clear and for once, high is too high to handle. This is a good thing because Monster N-Tune™ On-Ear Headphone cause no distortion. You can clearly hear each tone, mid, high; every beat is crystal clear. The sound is better than I have ever heard from a set of headphones. 


When I was in the market for headphones I knew in-ear headphones were not an option – they always seem to fall out of my ears. But I was torn between on-ear and over-ear headphones. I have to say now I can clearly understand the difference. Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone are a little on the smaller side, which is why they are called on-ear headphones. They are perfect for little ears. 

Monster N-Tune on-ear-headphone Review

I do find my ears getting a little sore after prolonged use from the headphones pushing on my ears for too long. This doesn’t effect the quality of sound and very minor, I take it as I need a little break from work and stretch my legs and give my ears a rest.

Plugged In

This could be a positive of a negative it all depends on your needs. Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone are not wireless. The positive is you don’t have to connect and reconnect when you use your headphones for different devices. The negative is always having a wire on your left-hand side. 

Fashionable Always

The first thing that caught my attention about Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone was the array of colors they come in. I think there is no harm in matching your headset to your office or personality. I love the option of being traditional or modern with colours like Candy Red, Neon Pink, Pearl Silver, Matte Black your possibilities are endless. 

Perfect For Kids!

As I mentioned about Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphone are perfect for little ears. They also have another feature that has showed to be very fitting for families with many kids. In the picture below you can see that the tangle-free cables can be easily connected between headphones allowing all headphones to be playing the same audio.

Monster N-Tune on-ear-headphone Review Monster is Generous!

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Monster N-Tune on-ear-headphone Review

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