Part 2: Walt Disney World Value Tips For Canadians #DisneyFamilyTravel

Part 2: Walt Disney World Value Tips For Canadians #DisneyFamilyTravel

During our recent trip to Walt Disney World we were surprised just how little we needed to break out your wallet during our visit to the theme parks. If you’ve read Part 1 of my Value Tips for a Canadian Walt Disney World Vacation you already know that driving and flying both have their perks.

You’d also know that Disney’s Art of Animation is a value resort boosting at its seams with ways to stretch a Canadian dollar. Plus, if you stay near the magic you can save big with Disney’s exclusive Canadian savings.

If you are still asking the question: How can we afford a Disney vacation, especially when the Canadian dollar is so low?” 

I will share some more Walt Disney World value tips for Canadians that I didn’t know going to for the very first time.

Meet and greet at Disney World. Canadian Tips to save money at Disney

 Here is what I didn’t tell you in part 1:

Camp at Disney. The most affordable way to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort location is to get down with nature. There are 799 campsites, 409 Wilderness Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. All set in a rustic wilderness setting on 750-acres roaming with nature. We love to camp and I believe mixing Disney and nature together, is brilliant.

Make Breakfast in your Room. We hit up the local grocery store before arriving at Walt Disney World and grabbed quick and easy breakfast ideas for the whole family. Which included; fresh fruit, cereal, almond milk, orange juice, bread, peanut butter and jam. Since every room a fridge and few with a microwave we were able to cut back on our food cost having breakfast in our room each morning. If you fly into WDW (Walt Disney World) here is a great website that shares how to get groceries to your resort.

Pack a lunch. WDW allows you to bring inside any of their 4 theme parks your own lunches, refreshments and snacks. This cuts down the cost greatly allowing you to keep those dollar bills in your pocket. Remember: doing this will require you to pack a very light weight backpack in your luggage.

Entertainment Included. Once you arrived at 1 of 4 Disney theme parks you can rest assure that all of the entertainment is included with your ticket price. If you pack your lunch you can leave your wallet in the free in-room safe because all rides, shows, live entertainment (besides food) are included in your ticket price. This excludes any special events tickets such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, etc…

Coffee and Pop Drinkers, Save Big! Guest have the options to buy a reusable Disney mug that comes with free refills of coffee and soda during your stay and throughout Disney World Resort hotels. Another tip a reader gave me was to ask for water and refill you water bottles with those! 

Money Saving Tips for a Diney World Vacation

Free WiFi Everywhere. I had no clue before arriving at WDW that they offered complimentary WiFi to everyone throughout WDW properties. Including; restaurants, inside your resort hotel room, at all 4 theme parks, in Disney Springs and both of Disney water parks. We only had glitches on the complimentary bus rides between parks and inside a few rides. Besides that we were able to share pictures and memories we were creating with loved ones back home in Canada, for free.

More Days You Play, Less You Pay. Price drop when you purchase multi day tickets for your family.

A Priceless Perk! We fell in love with the FastPass perk that doesn’t cost you a dime, but saves you lots of time! For each theme park per day you can secure up to 3 FastPass + selections in advance for popular attractions.

Each of Disney’s popular attractions that offer up FastPasses has 2 lines; the regular standby line and the FassPass line. During the hour time frame you have pre scheduled your FastPass you can skip to the front of the line. Here is where it gets better… after you redeem your initial 3 FastPass picks, head to a kiosk where you’ll be able to make another FastPass selection. It really is brilliant, and allows you to squeeze more out of your Canadian dollar.

Rider Switch. Our youngest is 4 and 42″ tall which had us a little unsure about just how many rides we would have to sit out during our Disney adventure. To our surprise there were only a few times we used the rider switch program.  Another brilliant idea we found at Disney. The rider switch is for parties with a child who are not tall enough to go on the ride. The whole family gets to the front of the line and if you ask to use a rider switch, you are given a ticket to use in the FastPass line. That way both Mom and Dad can take the kids who are tall enough on again using the rider switch ticket.

Rider Switch at Disney World. Tips to save at Disney

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 Any value tips you have to share at Disney?

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

Thank you Walt Disney World for the most magical stay!

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