Tackling #15MinReno’s Before The Guests Arrive!

Tackling #15MinReno’s Before The Guests Arrive!

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. Fall is when my husband and I started to date 19 years ago (yes, I said 19). Fall is also the time of year we sealed our love with marriage, we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary.

Celebrating our wedding anniversary The scent of apples, cloves, cinnamon and the taste of pumpkin, spiced just right, are a few of my favourite things about fall. The hues of red, orange and yellow in nature that line our beautiful backdrop and the cooler nights that force you to snuggle with those you love. Fall to me is one of the best seasons Mother Nature has blessed us with.

Fall Dorset Ontario Thanksgiving in Canada is on October 12th and another fall favourite of mine. It is a time we gather around with friends and family showing our gratitude and fill our bellies with a spread of yummy food! The mash potatoes and gravy are my favorite!

Thanksgiving plate In my busy home, it is not every day I have a house full of our family or friends around. I will be honest, prepping for my family and friends to come over, can be very stressful for me. I like my home to be just right and I spend far too much time dealing with the Anxiety that causes.

I wish I could be one of those entertainers that brush aside the worries and enjoy the moment…I envy them. I envy the host whose house I walk into and they seem calm and cool because they are living in the moment.

Let’s be real… I will never be that person. So for now, I will prep my home long before the first guest on Thanksgiving.

Tackling #15minRENO’s Before The Guest Arrive!

Thanks to Mr. Clean, I will be tackling various #15MinReno’s in my home, using a Magic Eraser. From sprucing up my kitchen sink to cleaning those pencil scribbles and scuffs off walls.

The first #15MinReno I plan on tackling is the overspills that have burnt on my ceramic stove top. No matter what I use the only thing that works is the power of Magic Eraser and some old fashion elbow grease behind it to get the job done. 

Before and After using Magic Eraser

Seriously, what makes Magic Eraser’s, so magical? It was simple, I wet my Magic Eraser and scrubbed. In less than one minute the overspills that have burnt on my ceramic stove top are gone, vanished. It was like Magic!

There is something about Magic Eraser’s that give you a sense of accomplishment that send you taking off through your house actually looking for something more to clean. I mean, who really wants to clean? With a Magic Eraser in hand, cleaning is actually fun! 

 With your Magic Eraser in hand what will your first #15minRENO be? 

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