Going Hollywood with GlassesShop.com

Going Hollywood with GlassesShop.com

Something you may not know about me is five years ago, I had laser eye surgery completed in both my eyes. I wore prescription eyeglasses or contacts daily from the moment I read the alarm clock in the morning till I turned the light off at night. Since my laser eye surgery I haven’t thought much about eyeglasses but when I wore them it was always nice to have a few cheap glasses around to switch up my look. I never thought I would say this but I do miss having the option to switch up my style with a simple pair of glasses.

Going Hollywood

Recently, I was asked by GlassesShop.com if I was interested in reviewing a pair of their glasses. Of course my mind jumped to saying no right away since I now see 50/50. However, after a quick peek at GlassesShop.com I was surprised to see they not only sell prescription eyeglasses, they sell polarized sunglasses and a huge selection of sunglasses for people with prescriptions and without.

What I liked best about my on-line shopping experience with GlassesShop.com was that they have a “try on” feature that takes the “how does this look?” wonder out of shopping for glasses.

GlassesShop.com Cheap sunglasses

I wasn’t fond of how the purple frames above looked on me but I was on to something because I was on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses that added a look to my style. I needed a change from my Aviator sunglasses and was reaching for more of a summertime beach look. I wasn’t thinking Hollywood but that is what I am told I got.

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For my day to day errands I live in my Clermont Aviator‘s but when we kick back at a backyard BBQ or stroll to the park with a friends, I am loving my new Betsy Square Sunglasses. They are made very strong and you can feel the craftsmanship when you hold them. I am very confident in saying that these frames will not twist or lose shape in my purse and will outlast my previous pairs of sunglasses. I do have to add my pair of Clermont Aviators did loosen at the screw when we first received them. Since my hubby has tightened them they are holding strong. Both pairs are very comfortable to wear and shipping came in a very decent time frame, right to my front door!

Get your First Pair of Glasses Free at GlassesShop.com

All new customers can have a pair of free glasses. Shipping and handling fees apply. Learn more about your first pair free here.

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