Adding Bounce To My Stride: ECCO Damara Bootie Review

Adding Bounce To My Stride: ECCO Damara Bootie Review

It wasn’t till a few years back I realized the importance of what I should be putting on my feet. Before then I was wearing box store footwear and you’d even catch me in dollar store flip flops all summer long. I’d be home all day as a stay at home mom in my bare feet walking around inside and outside like a caveman, which I actually thought was okay.

Today since I am another year wiser I know why it is important to wear quality footwear and the meaning of putting your best foot forward. It all happened the day I got a name for the painful pain that was coming from the bottom of my feet, it was the day my Chiropractor told me it was called plantar fascia. He also looked at my current footwear and told me my cheap knock off shoes were only going to make the pain worst. Honestly, I didn’t think it could get any worse I had to pretty much crawl out of bed in the morning “till my feet warmed up”. 

Importance of Quality Footwear

Inexpensive footwear is made with poor designs and material that doesn’t support your foot’s natural flex. It can prolong foot pain and since they aren’t supportive, inexpensive footwear can also cause injuries. Plus comparison to quality footwear, you will never find the same comfort wearing those knock off shoes. 

Since learning the importance of wearing a shoe that is crafted to follow the motions of the foot, I have had quality shoes on my radar. ECCO shoes have given me a deeper love of the character traits a quality footwear brings to your feet. 

  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Pain free
  • Longevity
  • Repair foot pain

ECCO Damara Bootie Review

This spring I was thrilled to get my feet into a pair of beautiful woodrose ECCO Damara Bootie. At first I thought the colour woodrose made from super-soft leather wouldn’t be the best choice for a mother of four living in the country. However I was wrong on so many accounts. These ECCO Damara Booties have been great for family outings, shopping, running between appointments and before the snow melted I was even wearing them as a slippers in the house. They are so comfortable I feel like I am walking in my bare feet everywhere I go. 

ECCO Damara Bootie Review, Canadian Fashion Blogger, Canadian Lifestyle Blogger Review

ECCO Damara Bootie Review, Canadian Fashion Blogger, Canadian Lifestyle Blogger Review The ECCO Bounce

It says something about the ECCO Damara Bootie when every time I walk into a room, everyone looks down right away to my feet. I don’t blame them, the soft woodrose leather is so fresh and eye catching. Plus I am sure they notice the confidence and bounce I cannot hide from when I walk into a room well wearing my ECCO Damara Bootie’s. Such as my power pose to your right. ->

Raves from All 

The first time I got my new ECCO Damara Bootie’s I quickly thought about how I was going to keep these beautiful soft leather shoes clean. I went to my local specialty shoe store which I have come to know over the last year and asked the owners what they would suggest to keep my new ECCO Damara Bootie clean.

Before he even answered my questions he carried on about how ECCO shoes are his favorite shoes for comfort and after standing all day, his feet never hurt. Being a shoe store owner he also added he has a closet full of shoes but over the years he has become very loyal to ECCO and they have never disappointed his feet. For me that feedback was exactly what I was hoping to hear. He sent me on my way with a shoe cleaner, brush and a protective spray for my new ECCO shoes.

ECCO Damara Bootie Review, Canadian Fashion Blogger, Canadian Lifestyle Blogger Review

Since then I have worn my shoes numerous times this spring and they have even gotten a little dirty. Today I cleaned them up and re-applied some protective spray – they came out brand new looking.

ECCO Damara Bootie Review, Canadian Fashion Blogger, Canadian Lifestyle Blogger Review

“These beautiful Scandinavian inspired booties have added a bounce to my stride and a new style to my look. They grab the attention of all when I walk in the room. They resemble elements of nature that leave me feeling like I am walking in my bare feet everywhere I go. I would suggest when ordering your first pair of ECCO shoes to take in account that these are made with quality leather and both my husband and I were suggested to order a size smaller than we would of normally. To our surprise both pairs of our ECCO booties fit like gloves, hugging our feet with optimum comfort.” 

What do you like about the new ECCO Damara Bootie?

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12 thoughts on “Adding Bounce To My Stride: ECCO Damara Bootie Review”

  • I really like wearing Ecco shoes – I have flat feet and need to wear proper shoes too. Your booties look con comfy and great for hanging out for family outings. I will check those out.

  • I can not tell you how much I love my ECCO shoes. They are the most comfortable and whenever my plantar faciatis acts up, they are my go to shoes. Love that they can be comfortable and fashionable.

  • I always have a hard time finding shoes to fit me, being on a fixed income I can’t just go out and buy expensive ones, and normally have to wear mens shoes as they fit me better, these look so comfy too

  • I adore Ecco shoes, I’ve been wearing them for years. Ever so comfortable and last for many years too. The only thing I don’t like about this style is the fact that they have leather shoelaces, they don’t usually stayed tied very well.

  • I’ve wondered about ECCO footwear when I’ve seen them advertised in flyers. Thanks for your informative rreview and the care tips. I didn’t realize they were a Scandinavian design.
    Thankfully the online store even carries MY size – something that is difficult to find!
    I was surprised to discover on their website the ECCO Abelone GTX Bootie is 100% waterproof!
    Now to choose a colour!

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