Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are! #BeSuper + Giveaway

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are! #BeSuper + Giveaway

Typically when you think of super hero’s your child may think of Marvel hero’s, very few think of themselves. Barbie wants your little girl to think of themselves as a superhero! How great would it be for all kids across Canada to tap into their own inner superheroes and use their imagination to show how they are being super! I think this idea is brilliant we all have something we do in a super way and let’s point them out to our children. Since it only takes one small act to make a BIG difference your child’s imagination their self-discovery will prove that anything is possible!

This challenge is paired with this month’s launch of the Barbie™ in Princess Power DVD, super-hero themed toys, fashion collection, and more, your little girl will be inspired to express what it means to them to be super.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. 

Recently I seen a TED Talks from Amy Cuddy on power-poses. After viewing it I grabbed my daughter and watched it again with her. I seen my own daughter showing signs of low power posing and I like any parent want her to be confident, strong and feel powerful, like a superhero does. 

With over 24 million views don’t miss out, you have to watch Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. Since watching Amy’s eye opening TED Talk I find both my daughter and I “faking it till we become it”  by using Amy’s suggestions. These are far more than suggestions, Amy shares how our posture can affect levels in our testosterone and cortisol in our brain and when you stand tall and proud taking up room around you, your body language will have a positive effect on your hormone levels and how you feel about yourself. Think about animals in nature such as the peacock and cobra who make themselves known to all those around them. Each morning stretching your body out for a few minutes or something as simple as standing like a superhero before walking into a room, can change much more than the way you look. It will build your self esteem, confidence, keep your hormones in check and give you confidence when you walk in that room. Those are all points I want my little girl to hold so we can be her own and #BeSuper! 

Be Super! Power posing is for more than Superheroes. Barbie Power posing

Get involded explore to join the Barbie™ Super Squad. Plus any little girl would love to make their own super hero comic strip! 

For more tips on how your little ones can be super, join the Barbie™ Super Squad at As a member of the Super Squad, you can download the Super Squad Handbook, which includes more super tips and includes monthly Super missions. By completing the monthly Super missions, your little girl can collect monthly badges, as well as be entered to win great prizes, from a customized mini-movie about how super they are, to product prize packs. Plus to help your little girl look as super as she can, Barbie™ in Princess Power has an exclusive apparel collection and accessories available at Walmart.

Be Super! Power posing is for more than Superheroes. Barbie Power posing

Barbie is generous!

Two In R Dream readers will both win a Barbie™ #BeSuper super pack filled with apparel, accessories, dolls, books, coupons and more, valued at $100. Which includes a $5 coupon for your purchase of $25 and over on all Barbie™ products as well as a $20 gift card to Walmart. 

Canada only (excludes Quebec) ends 04/12 EST. Please note: we cannot guarantee your prize will be similar to the one that was reviewed. Winner depends on the amount of entries received. You have 24 hours to claim your prize before another winner will be randomly drawn. Good luck!

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