Entrepreneur Story: Little Life Box Q&A #IRDFeature

Entrepreneur Story: Little Life Box Q&A #IRDFeature

entrepreneur Chelsea from Little Life Boxs Subscription Canadian entrepreneur story Chelsea from Little Life Boxes spilled it… In Your Dream Q & A

Meet entrepreneur Chelsea started Little Life Boxes with her mother. She loves products! And hates chemicals! Chelsea is changes our likes one subscription at a time as she follows her dreams.

Grab a tea and take a” Me” moment, you deserve it.

Tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies, interests, family, kids, husband, wife, pets, and your home life.

My mother and I started Little Life Box together as 2 passionate women who have always lived to learn more about health and lead a healthy life on a daily basis. The whole family is now involved as we all have marketing and digital experience that made this business perfect for everyone. I am very close to my family so working with them was a natural thing.  It also brings us closer.

Your 20 second sales pitch? AKA elevator pitch…sell us!

Little Life Box is a subscription box that introduces you to healthy alternatives of all kinds in an easy and fun way that helps you save money.

Canadian Monthly Health Box Subscription. www.littlelifebox.com

What inspired you start your business?

I love products! And I hate chemicals! I also love surprises so the subscription box concept was something i thought would be something great for all women who are in any way health conscious.

Do you find working from home challenging? Or its is a breeze?

I love working from home, but its is not for everybody.  I find it helps if you motivate yourself to get dressed and look pretty and not stay in your pyjamas all day.  Set yourself up in an environment setup for work because you need to separate your work space from your living space, so NO to working in the bedroom! Take a break during the day to run errands, walk the dog or simply enjoy the outsides. I sometimes go sit in a cafe to change environment a little.

What have been some of your major challenges in business?

Working with family ha it’s challenges, but if you learn to communicate properly and address issues right away it does help.  You have to be able to put your feelings aside and that can be a hard thing to do.

Canadian Monthly Health Box Subscription. www.littlelifebox.com Working from home

Do you have a favorite business tool and/or resource that helps make your day easier?

There are some great tools out there, but I still love the pen and paper.  Making a daily to-do list is a must if not, I go crazy!

What is next for your business? Any secrets you want to share?

We just recently launched our onlinee store where our members will be able to find some of our favourite products from past boxes so we will be working on that a lot in the months to come.

Are you living your dream?

I am living my dream, yes.  I quit a very stable office job to live my passion of health and sharing with others and that is such a scary thing, but so rewarding.

What one word describes you? 


How do you unwind after a long day?

Some incense, some music and some cooking.

What’s one product you use daily that you couldn’t live without?

Max Effects natural makeup remover

Beach or Snow, where would the prefect vacation spot be?

If I could stay in that season forever, I would.  The beauty of the trees and the brisk breeze is my definition of perfection.

Looking back to your high school days, what advice would you give yourself, knowing what you know now?

One day, it won’t matter. I would go back and tell myself that it would all be okay and to not worry so much about what others think.

Country or City girl?

Country girl all the way!

Wine, Beer, Martine, what’s your drink choice?


 Intrigued to learn more about Little Life Box?

Little Life Box Website | Little Life Box Facebook | Little Life Box Twitter

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