Meet Victoria, Arbonne Independent Consultant in her Q & A #IRDFeature

Meet Victoria, Arbonne Independent Consultant in her Q & A #IRDFeature

Victoria an Arbonne independent consultant spilled it… In Your Dream Mompreneur Q & A

Meet Victoria a young busy mom of two who is balancing life, business and family and laughs every day. 

Grab a tea and take a” Me” moment, you deserve it.

1-Victoria My name is Victoria Jessup, Arbonne independent consultant. I am a young mother of two sweet girls and wife to my high school sweetheart. I live in Lindsay Ontario a small town in the kawartha lakes where I grew up. I have a funny basset hound, a dog I’ve always wanted since the age of seven and we’ve been living in our first home for almost 2 years now with tons of renovations keeping us busy!

Spill you 20 second sales pitch…

I came across Arbonne just this spring and while trying to live green and focus on health and wellness I was missing a big part…what we are putting on our skin. It is our largest organ and I wasn’t paying enough attention to it. Once I tried a few products I could immediately feel the difference. It felt different, smelled different, WAS different and I had to have it! This company is 100% vegan-certified (meaning no animal by products…ew) phthalate and paraben free, hypo allergenic, dye free and contains no chemical fragrances or mineral oil. The more I looked into this company the more I loved. It is truly pure, safe, and beneficial.

What inspired you to start your business?

I never imagined I would become a consultant but there is so much more that comes along with it then I thought. I had negative ought a of failure and thinking I wasn’t articulate enough or enough of a leader. Then I attended a ‘discover arbonne’ meeting with a bunch of woman supporting me and I was sold. I have a burning desire to tell people what I know and make a difference in people’s lives and mine. I am so tired of living pay check to paycheck and this is my way out. I decide how much I work and I decide if I get a raise. This allows me to keep my children my priority. I was inspired by the simple “why not?”

Do you have any advice to sharing with working moms juggling it all?

Don’t be hard on yourself! You’re amazing! It is hard not to feel guilt but just take all the time you can muster between work and kids activities to be present for your kids and spend quality time with them. Also, take time for yourself even if it’s having a bath or go out for that 30minute pedicure and just breathe and take in the silence of alone-time. Try not to get overwhelmed with it all. You’re doing the best you can and being the best example of love to your children. My mother was a stay at home mom so this is a new area for me. I find laughter helps too! Laugh off the stress, laugh off the craziness

arbonne_logo What is one product you use daily that you can’t live without?

The FC5 new cell scrub! Gets rid of all dead skin cells with the help of bamboo extract and promotes new cells to regenerate with fresh carrot cells. It smells divine and leaves skin glowing. I can feel good about leaving the house with no foundation on if I’m in a rush

What’s next for your business?

Now that I’ve launched my business in front of family and friends I really want to use this as a platform to help others. I love helping people in need and starting this month I’m going to be doing fundraisers. Also planning fun events for the near future such as a straight shave and whiskey night.

What is your drink of choice?

White wine!

Be sure to contact Mompreneur Victoria if you interested in hearing more about Arbonne as a consultant or a customer. victoria.collver@hotmail(dot)com She is waiting to tell you how it can improve your skin and life! 

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