Our Day Out With Thomas The Train #DayWithThomas

Our Day Out With Thomas The Train #DayWithThomas

Last weekend we took the kids to see Thomas the Train, the real life version of the popular cartoon character. It is a North American tour that stops in St Thomas Ontario this time every year. Each year it is my dream to one day get our little people experience Thomas and Friends in real life. That dream came true.

Day out with Thomas St Thomas Ontario

The timing was perfect our little O is in full swing Thomas stage, it happens between 2.5 and 3 where everything is choo-choo trains and every train you pass is Thomas.

The drive was long for us we traveled over 3 hours to make this adventure happen but for us the experience at the end as a family is worth a long road trip with kids. Plus we made it a camping getaway as well.

Endless of Smiles Included

Once we arrived at Day Out With Thomas we didn’t need to pull our wallets out once, unless of course we bought food, souvenirs or family pictures that were snapped along the way.

Day Out With Thomas St Thomas Ontario

It was a very generous event, balloons art, tattoos, crafts to make, coloring, petting zoo, jumping castle, story time to name a few of what is included in the one price ticket.

Day Out With Thomas The Train St Thomas Ontario Boston Pizza The highlight of the day was definitely riding on Thomas the Train. The smiles were priceless from all the kids as they peeked out the open-aired windows to wave at all the on lookers on the streets.

Although, it was extra special to ride on Thomas the Train we did feel the ride was far too short. We didn’t time it but would have to say it was no more than 20 minutes from start to finish. We would have liked to spend a little more time enjoying Thomas the Train. Perhaps a hello or two from the conductor and crew would have made the train ride a little more special.

Swag and Lunch Coupons

After a few hours of exploring all there was to explore, we made our way to the exist where the kids all received some Thomas the Train loot. Which included some coupons for kids meals to enjoy for lunch at either Wendy’s or Boston Pizza in St Thomas.

We decided to take up the chance to sit down as a family for a discount at the local Boston Pizza.

Elgin County Railway Museum

Included with your Thomas the Train ticket is admission to the Elgin County Railway Museum. We have never explored a Railway Museum before and took full advantage of the free admission.

Driving up to the Elgin County Railway Museum I pictured it back in the day, with hardworking men going about their business. Although the building needs some restoration it was beautiful. They are raising funds to restore it and I believe it would be money well spent.

We enjoying taking sometime when we arrived to take a mini family photo shoot with our Nikon D330 Camera. With a beautiful backdrop and easy to use DLSR the pictures turned out amazing.

Elgin County Railway Museum Day Out With Thomas St Thomas Ontario

Inside the Elgin County Railway Museum there were historians on hand to walk us through History. It was so amazing to walk through the good old days and learn about life on the Railway.

Elgin County Railway Museum Day Out With Thomas St Thomas Ontario

Hubby and I had so much fun capturing the beauty in all that Elgin County Railway Museum had to offer. Walking though History is extremely rewarding not only on your eyes but your soul.

Elgin County Railway Museum Day Out With Thomas St Thomas Ontario

We absorbed all we could out of our Day With Thomas, the experience was rewarding from the smiles and excitement of our four children’s faces seeing and riding on Thomas the Train to learning about the History of the Railway at Elgin County Railway Museum.

Elgin County Railway Museum Day Out With Thomas St Thomas Ontario

What is your favorite part of enjoying adventures with your children?

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