Grounded By The Little Things #NaturallyAtHome

Grounded By The Little Things #NaturallyAtHome

Mother’s Day has come and gone and weeks later I am still looking back and smiling. We did nothing flashy or fancy but to me Mother`s Day 2014 was absolutely perfect. 

“Never get tired of doing little things for others. For sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart.”

It all started with the smell of homemade waffles travelling into my bedroom, the scent of goodness woke me up. I took a few minutes to lay in bed listening to the pitter patter of my little people running around setting up the prefect scene for mommy to awake too.

Before you wake mommy tip: 

Each day before I step foot off my bed I take a moment to be thankful for today, my family, the lessons I will learn and all the gifts I receive.  At the same time I meditate with deep breathing which is known to help with relaxation and a very helpful tool for stress relief. These daily practices leave me feeling overly grateful and extremely grounded to take on my day. 

Once I opened the bedroom door awaiting to hug me where five huge smiles, five beautiful souls looking at me. Who all together made me a beautiful breakfast of homemade waffles, strawberries and cranberry maple sausages. My man knows the way to my heart is (real) foods prepared with love.

Although I would never use a boxed waffle mix I wouldn’t put those high expectations on the person surprising me with a home-cooked meal. But my man knows the importance of healthy eating and made healthy homemade waffles (from scratch) with a scoop on Orange Naturals NDshakes to up the nutrition. (I wish I snapped a picture).

Along with healthy eats, love, hugs and kisses I was treated to some very thoughtful homemade gifts from my little people. Thanks to Pinterest the teachers are upping their game when it comes to homemade gifts.

Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas

After gifts and breakfast, together we hit our back yard to plant 100 trees as our gift to Mother Nature on Mother’s Day. Stay tuned on for more on our first tree planting day in our back yard.

It’s the little things.

During the day it was the little things that my little people continued to do for me that made my Mother’s Day extra special.

Even when there was no shade my little King was sure to provide for me when I needed it most.

Mother's Day 2014 Planting Trees for Mother Nature

My little men treated me with this beautiful dandelion bouquet that I absolutely adore.

Mother's Day 2014 dandelion bouquet

My Mother’s Day was simple but that is just what I needed. After our hard work planting 100 trees in our backyard we enjoyed dinner at my in-laws and the kids finished my day off by running me a warm bubble bath where I enjoyed some peace and quiet and a yummy bowl of ice cream.

By the end of the day I felt grounded and full of emotions. My little people made me proud! 

Continuing Together 

Being a mother is the most rewarding career I will ever know. It pull’s at my heart-strings and plays with my emotions daily but always opens my eyes to the best we have here on Earth. My goal as a mother is to keep my family as healthy as we can be, by exploring and continuing to learn so we together can live a long and happy life. That is the best gift a mother will every receive!

orange-naturals-mom- Thanks to resources such as Orange Natural’s newsletter and Naturally At Home blog within reach there is never a shortage of inspiration to keep me inspired to life a healthy lifestyle. Which in turn allows me to continue to teach my family the importance of a healthy lifestyle inside and out. 

What keeps you grounded?

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive
special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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