Galaxy S4 @Lifeproof nuud Case Giveaway { 5 winners, ends 05/28, US & Canada}

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These days smartphones are glued to the hips of more than your average business man or women, they are a must have for busy mom’s too. If you asked me when I first got my smartphone many years ago if I would be so dependent on it I would have giggled and said no way. I had no clue that mini device would grab a hold of me and never let go, but in a good way.

A great device is nothing unless you got the proper case to protect it.


Before my introduction to a nüüd case I seemed to have my liking to a wallet case that could hold my important cards inside. The problem with my wallet case is it does have give the protection to my smartphone that a mom with four busy kids should have. Actually the end of last year I dropped a new smartphone on our paved driveway and smashed the screen. That was a moment where my heart hit the ground. 

What is nüüd?

Galaxy S4 Nuud  LifeProof - PTPA winner

Galaxy S4 nüüd case review

I was still in disbelief that a smartphone could be water proof when I received my nüüd from the generous team at PTPA to review. So following the instruction I used there suggestion and put the test run into place for my nüüd and fully emerged the nüüd case and the pretend S4 for 30 minutes. The idea here is to give you the confidence that your nüüd case will not leak into the pretend S4. The proof was there the test worked and not a drop leaked into the pretend S4.

From that moment on I had the confidence I needed from the nüüd case and placed my Galaxy S4 smartphone in its safe keeping. 

It has been two months and my Galaxy S4  has been strapped in tight to the nüüd. I will admit I have dropped it a few more than once and not a scratch or worry after looking at it. My nüüd case is still tight and I am still confident my Galaxy S4 is in safe hands. Even so I took it into the bath the other day and caught up on my favorite blogs.

The only complaint I have with the nüüd is tweeting. The sides on the nüüd case are so thick I have a hard time getting my tweet snug uptight to the edge. Besides that the nuud for Galaxy S 4 has my approval and deserves its latest win

Congratulations nüüd for Galaxy S4 on your PTPA win!

nuud for Galaxy S 4 - PTPA  Winner

More details on Galaxy S4 LifeProof nuud case review and it’s PTPA win click here.

Lifeproof is Generous!

LifeProof is giving away 5 nuud for Samsung Galaxy S4 ($89.99 value ea. – 1 prize each to 5 winners) to 5 lucky readers.

This giveaway is open to both US & Canadian {excluding Quebec} ends 05/28. Good Luck!

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How are you protecting you smartphone?

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  1. michelle tremblett says:

    This would be great, I am always dropping my phone, And I could use a good case.

  2. lisa bolduc says:

    I am the worst with phone, I once was moving and I was getting boxes out of my trunk of my car, and then when I was done I went to go close the trunk and it wouldn’t shut, so I kept trying to shut it. Lo and behold I was slamming the trunk on my old phone!

  3. Amy Heffernan says:

    The Samsung would be great for me. Especially with the toddlers. 🙂

  4. amber y says:

    I am constantly dropping my phones. they need protection from me!!

  5. Bailey-Eileen Parr says:

    I would love to give this to my daughter who doesnt have a case and she definitely is in need of a waterproof one!

  6. Sonya Allstun says:

    hubby keeps destroying his phones so this would be great for his new S4

  7. I have a 3 year old that likes to destroy electronics.

  8. Jennifer P. says:

    I need this as a gift for my husband from our girls for father’s day.

  9. Suzanne G says:

    I need it as my son has a Galaxy 4 and he could really use this as his last phone he dropped it and it broke the screen. The feature I love is it is waterproof.

  10. My brother has one – perfect gift for him – thanks!

  11. i need to protect my phone, i am constantly dropping it

  12. My best friend has this phone, she currently doesn’t have a case at all and it would make an amazing and generous birthday gift for her!

  13. Jenny Ham says:

    To keep my phone safe… I am kind of rough on my phones.

  14. I need this for my husband. her just got an S4 and really needs a good case. He’s very clumsy

  15. My kids like to take pictures w).ith my phone and I would like it better drop protected for that reason. I would also like to take pictures when they are swimming and would love to know the phone is water protected (and I hear they are prone to toilet diving, but I have not had that happen yet

  16. I need it to protect my phone in my purse I don’t have a case and love the waterproof aspect!

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