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  1. elizabeth miller says:

    I would like to sign up as well

  2. I love reading your blog!

  3. Hey, I have tried to sign up again, but it just seems to refresh. Can you make sure I am added please? 🙂

    • Hi Holly,

      Thanks for the heads up. Once you sign up it seems to redirect right away to my home page. I do see Holly W subscribed. Is that you?
      Thanks for your loyal readership.
      Enjoy today & chat soon.


  4. Done!

  5. Micheal D Lefebvre says:

    All signed up!

  6. I would like to sign up with my email too,

  7. Florence C says:

    Tried to sign up not sure if it worked or not

  8. I just tried signing up and I was sent back to this post. I’m not sure if it actually signed me up.
    Thank you,

  9. Yes, please sign me up.

  10. Did I sign-up? Put in info & new page pop-up. Tried again – same thing.

    • Emma, thank for pointing that out, I am using a new system for newsletters and appreciate your feedback. I have added you.
      Thank you very much. Tammy


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