The Power Of The Everyday Effect, I Challenge You! #PGmom

The Power Of The Everyday Effect, I Challenge You! #PGmom

What did you get for Valentines?

In a few weeks or months will it really matter? Do you remember what you got last year? Or the year before? It’s sad to say I don’t remember what my amazing husband got me last year or the valentines before. I do know that he makes everyday extra special and wins my heart with each little gesture.

Check out this video P&G posted, its sure to make you smile.

Kiss 29 Day Challenge

Last February I challenged my readers to say “I love you” a more meaningful way through gestures causing an everyday effect. Take the challenge, click here, I dare you too. My husband printed my words off last February and since than he challenges himself everyday to make each day special.

The Everyday Effect

P&G is embracing this notion too, that the biggest impact in our lives comes not in the grand gestures, but in the everyday acts we show each-other . We remind ourselves that the greatest changes begin in the simplest moments – such as the conversation over breakfast with your children, or your baby’s first steps. The power that these everyday acts have in defining our lives, our family’s lives and the life of our planet – is incredible. It’s the ordinary things we do that make the extraordinary happen. P & G calls this the power of The Everyday Effect.

What are the simple things you do each day that create the Everyday Effect in your life?

Your invited to celebrate your Everyday Effect by visiting this Facebook page to share how the everyday things you do make all the difference for your family. You may have the chance to be featured in P & G’s next commercial!

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