Do you have your FREE @TELUS #EmergencyProfile in place yet? Are you prepared for the unexpected?

You can never be too prepared for unexpected happenings. Just recently on my husbands side we had an unexpected health crises and preparation wasn’t in place, the feeling of being unorganized was plain as day. It had me thinking if something was to happen to my family I personally don’t have enough in place. I’d love to think I do, but in all honestly I am far from being prepared for the unexpected. 

Until now….I just created a TELUS Health |Emergency Profile on which is giving me a bit more confidence now that I have my new emergency plan in place. is a new and uniquely Canadian source for relevant, credible health information. Join me and find future‐friendly tools and reviewed articles that will assist you in caring for your health in one convenient place. is an ounce of prevention to motivate and empower you and your loved ones to manage your health and wellness in one convenient spot. Now that’s worth sharing!

What is Emergency Profile? 


Great question, glad you asked! Emergency Profile, in partnership with Canadian MedicAlert Foundation®, is a secure online profile that allows individuals to organize all their medical information in one convenient place so they can prepare for a medical emergency. My favorite part we can all create an account for free!

This medical information is accessible anytime and appeals to everyone, especially people with health conditions, allergies and  even parents who want more peace of mind when their children travel alone.

Not only is it possible to create an online Emergency Profile that can be accessible anytime, there’s the option to print out a wallet card to carry on the go. This is great to have tucked away for the unexpected. 

How secure is my data? 

I had the same questions, glad I am not alone. Emergency Profile is an integrated feature of TELUS health space®, a secure online data repository certified by Canada Health Infoway, and powered by Microsoft® HealthVault®. With highly respected names such as those being dropped I have the confidence that my information is secure. TELUS Health  has had a long standing relationship with Canadian MedicAlert Foundation®, as an industry partner since the launch of TELUS health space®. Now, TELUS has expanded the partnership with Canadian MedicAlert Foundation®, the leader in emergency medical information services, to launch  Emergency Profile. 

Who can use Emergency Profile? 

Emergency Profile makes it easy to access and share important health information with family and others, meaning * if * an emergency happens I can be where I am needed most. 

I love that I can share Emergency Profile information electronically or in print to baby sitters, day care workers, teachers, family members, etc. Having an Emergency Profile is beneficial for adults especially when travelling abroad or for business. I love how easy it is to share, which means all the important people in my life can help me through unexpected times in need. 

How do I sign up? 

Why wait sign up for free today! You can create your free Emergency Profile in a few easy steps:

1. Visit

2. Click on “Get started”

3. Enter basic information

4. Enter health information and emergency contacts

5. Save information

6. View, print and share information

I know it’s that easy, I just did one too! 

What are you waiting for? Join me, feel good about the unexpected and get your Emergency Profile in place. 

Who will you be sharing your Emergency Profile with? 

Thanks for reading In R Dream!

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