Get your children excited to eat their veg with @CopyKids [R Little Reviewer’s & GIVEAWAY]

“YUCK!” we have all heard that from a toddler or preschooler at dinner time. It’s no secret getting kids to eat veggies is a struggle more times then not. 

Can you believe I had my kiddies asking for Carrots, avocado, peppers, and celery after watching Copy Kids?
What is Copy Kids?

A joy-filled copy- cat DVD and an innovative tool for parents who want to get children to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.

The DVD features 12 x 7 minute chapters, one for each of twelve fruits & veggies:

bell pepper

My Thoughts
I really was amazing by the response R children had with Copy-Kids. Make sure you have lot’s of veggies on hand the demand was high. We peeled some carrot as a snack, to enjoy. Children naturally love to watch other children. That’s why I believe Copy-Kids is so effective! The giggles, the comments, the questions were so fun to observe. I continue to get requests to watch Copy-Kids over and over again. 

R Little Reviewers:

Q & A with Mr L who is 4 years old

Do you like

Yes I like some.

What is your favorite

Avocado, tomatoes,
organs, apples that’s it.

Do you like fruit?

Ya I like fruit but
some fruit. My love blueberries, raspberries. 
My love strawberries, banana’s. My love cherries. My love oranges. My
love Blackberries.

Do you like COPY-KIDS?


What did you like
about COPY-KIDS?

Because they eat
dinner, when we did the carrot one we got to eat a carrot. I like their silly
faces when they eat. I laughed.

Anything else you want
to add?

It’s very funny when
it says “COPY-KIDS” I love the painting because they do them very fast! Like

Thank you Mr L for
helping mommy with these questions.

That’s not my real
name. How about you write my real name mommy?

Q & A with Mr K who is 2.5 years old

Do you like

 Yep, I like Apple.

Do you like this movie

I like orange! I like
this princess (pointed to the girl on the cover) my like orange, apple on this

Thank you Mr K for
helping mommy with these questions.

Welcome! Mommy I


Copy Kids wants on of In R Dream readers to eat their VEGGIES too! Someone is going to WIN a copy of Copy Kids! Fill out the Rafflecopter below… 
Contest Closes May 30th/ 2012. Good Luck! 

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Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat veggies?
Thank you for reading In R Dream!
(I was provided a sample DVD , all opinions on In R Dream R, our own) 

9 thoughts on “Get your children excited to eat their veg with @CopyKids [R Little Reviewer’s & GIVEAWAY]”

  • My grandson loves broccoli, my granddaughter’s favourite is cucumber. I can’t get either of them to eat cherry tomatoes, but I’ll keep trying. They like to help pick them, so I’m hoping that eventually they’ll get won over.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  • I’m so lucky one of my kids loves veggies and fruit and the other one has an excuse of sorts with an oral aversion due to CP. Looks like a great program though!

  • My kids are pretty good about eating fruits and veggies. Actually, it’s pretty much all my youngest eats, especially at supper time (besides anything w sugar in it, he is just like his mom). Sounds like a great DVD!

  • That is cute! My kids are slowly starting to eat more fruits and vegetables as I’ve introduced them daily, for years now. As long as we are on our own my son will eat anything, but add a guest and not happening! My daughter, she’ll eat anything that doesn’t wiggle.

  • Aww! Very cute! Many of my friends tell me their kids have an aversion to veggies, especially ones that are green. We don’t have that issue with our 3 year old. She’s a veggie monster!! I will share this with my friends, since they’ve been asking for help in the veg department! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Awesome Q&A!! I love interviewing my kids!

    As for the video, I am totally sold already! Anything that will make my kids think about eating their vegetables is good with me!

  • I’m lucky in that my kids LOVE to eat their fruits and veggies. So many kids don’t though. This product sounds wonderful. I can see how it would work.

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