Valentine’s Day Challenge: Saying I Love You Without Money.

Valentine’s Day Challenge: Saying I Love You Without Money.
Valentine’s Day Challenge. Love Without Money.
Valentine’s Day Challenge. Love Without Money.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a big celebration in our home. An excellent dinner, snuggles and anything containing chocolate will do just fine. I believe each day we should take a moment or two to show, or say a simple “I love you.”

How can you say “I love you” daily?

A simple touch can mean more than words them self! I challenge you to say “I love you” daily without actually saying it, each day in February.

Here are 29 ways to say “I love you” without saying it!

  • After your steamy shower, doodle a few words of love on the glass door with a bar of soap
  • A simple “Thank you” for all you do
  • A High Five
  • Put some lipstick on and kiss the mirror just before they enter
  • A wink
  • Leave random notes around the house
  • Hold hands on the couch
  • A little note tucked in your partners lunch
  • A Kiss
  • Help your partner with his or her to-do list. I know when my hubby jumps into help with dinner, I feel special
  • Draw a bath, light some candles, close the door and keep the kids busy
  • After the kids are in bed, sneak out and bring home a DQ sundae
  • Offer up a foot rub
  • A Hug
  • An unexpected text during lunch hour, to make your partner smile, or leaving them wondering “hum.”
  • Tell her how beautiful she is or him how handsome he looks
  • Spoon before you fall asleep
  • Go down the remember when road
  • Share just how important they are to you, how much you adore or crave them
  • A simple Thank you for going to work daily to support your family
  • Dream with your partner
  • Make a toast at dinner
  • Let him or her watch their favorite show and watch with them
  • Cook your partner there all time favorite meal
  • Listen to your partner, make eye contact
  • Put on their favorite outfit and look sexy tonight
  • Open the door for your partner
  • If you beat your partner home, run to the door with a bear hug tonight
  • Brush her hair

Actions speak louder than words. I Challenge you to make your Valentine’s Day a month-long celebration using all 29 tips above. One for each day of the month! Sparks will fly, and eyes will flicker, by showing your partner daily what they mean to you. Give my Valentine’s day challenge a try!

How do you say “I love you” without words?

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