Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me – Children Book Review

Sharing Is Love- My Sister and Me (Sharing Is Love) Children who won't share. Teaching About Sharing

One thing that I have learnt having a houseful of kids is that sharing doesn't come naturally. It takes teaching to bring your kids together and a lot of patience's is required. Another thing I have learnt is that once taught the rewards of sitting back watching you children play nicely together is … [Read more...]

Author @Janna_Lafrance Spills It… Q&A #IRDfeature

Janna Lafrance-5

Janna an Author & Writer "A Girl Named Grace."  Spilled it…In Your Dream Q & A  Janna shares her secrets on being a writer and juggling four daughter. When I read A Girl Named Grace I was inspired and a huge sense of Faith crept over me. Janna breaks down working at home and share tips and … [Read more...]

A Girl Named Grace { @Janna_Lafrance Book }

A Girl Named Grace

I have touched a few times on on my relationship with Faith. Something I have been discovering the last handful of months, something that may of always been there but I never noticed. I believe in signs, I believe in Faith, I believe in Hope, I believe life takes the path that it is … [Read more...]