A Journey To Find Yourself: Weight Loss, Happiness & The Reflection In The Mirror (Guest Post)

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

Today’s guest post is from my long time BFF Bobbi. We've been through a lot together; we even were pushing our first baby's out at the same hospital, the same day, next door to each other during the same time. She won. Bobbi is a mom of two boys; both play competitive rep sports that keep her on … [Read more...]

Successful New Year Resolution That Happened Eleven Years Ago – 45 lbs gone

Mind Over Matter Weigh Lost Secret

As soon as January hit's it's feels like a new door opens and you can give a fresh new start at anything you please. To date my most successful New Year resolution was in 2004. I have always been careful about what goals I put on myself. Because when I challenge myself to reach a goal or dream I … [Read more...]

Taking Charge of Me – Day 1 { WW }


  Do you still struggle with extra baby weight? I am carrying 40 extra lbs from my pre-baby weight.Which means each of my beautiful amazing children have gifted me 10 lbs each. My mind is forced and I am really shred my weight 1 lb at a time. If not, what are your secrets on shedding … [Read more...]