Hey, Gorgeous! Take Some Time for YOU!

Adding a work out to my day, SAHM making time for yourself, Skechers shoes

Hey, Gorgeous! Thanks for swinging by. I know you've been busy but when was the last time you took a moment for you? Between soccer, volunteering for school trips, making dinner, packing lunches, trying your best to keep on top of laundry and more, I know your schedule is full. But did you … [Read more...]

Peace Of Mind With D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor Review

D Link Water sensor review

Not sure where this advice came from but someone along the way someone told me to always make sure my washing machine and dishwasher run only when I am home. Those words have been strong in the back of my mind for my 16 years as a homeowner. In saying that, I cannot recall a time when I had my … [Read more...]