Mattel 2015 Trending Toys #ListToppers #PlayAdvocate

Mattel 2015 Gift Guide, List Toppers, Trending Toys of 2015

Just this past weekend I sat on the couch with my four children and we talked about Christmas and what we need or want this year. I am happy to say our kids are very easy to please when it comes to toys. Of course they love trending toys, but they also find enjoyment in some classics we all know and … [Read more...]

Tis’ the Season for an Evening of Food, Friends & Fun at the Fisher Price Showroom

Fisher Price Showroom, Holiday Toys 2014, Listen 2 Lenas House, Toronto Bloggers Gathering

There are events in your life that stand out above the rest. Sometimes these events measure your happiness, they measure your connection with family and friends, perhaps they measure your success but when they happen you feel the anticipation leading up to them with pure excitement, in those moments … [Read more...]

Adrenaline-fueled fun: BOOMco Blasters in Review

BOOMco review, Kids BOOMco, BOOMco Party, adrenaline-fueled BOOMco

Adrenaline Have you ever been paint balling? It leaves you with this adrenaline that over takes you body. It is a good feeling somewhere in-between scared and brave, I cannot explain it. The fun dies quickly if you bruise like me and get hit. The first and only time I paint balled I was left … [Read more...]

Hasbro & Duracell #PowerSmiles with #FurbyBoom Giveaway #PGmom

Furby Boom Review

Reminder There is one thing Christmas morning that you do not want to forget to have on hand as a parent. Batteries! Over time I have learned to keep my overstock of batteries well stocked up in all sizes. I knew I shouldn't have, but still did. Duracell is a name I have always trusted in regards … [Read more...]