Exploring Three-dimensions: Prismland Playset An Educational Toy

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

Today’s guest post is from my sister Brandy. She is a mom of two; a busy preschooler who keeps her on her feet and a sweet toddler. Brandy is a full-time working mom using her ECE degree working with autistic children and their families. She supports them and touching their lives in a positive way. … [Read more...]

Taking The Classic Bear To The Next Level: Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

With the holidays just a few short weeks away, people are thinking about this year’s hottest toys and games. One of the biggest stars of the season, is the Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear, who has been all over top ten lists. The second I seen the Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear, I knew I had a little … [Read more...]

Playing With A Classic: Little People Animal Friends Farm

Little People® Fun Sounds Farm Fisher Price barn 2015

 Back In The Day When I think of the brand "Fisher Price" I think of my childhood, my children's childhood, I think of fun colourful and playful toys that are classics that we all touched and played with as children. I was born in the 1980's and my Fisher Price Animal farm looked the same or … [Read more...]

InnoTab Max Reviews

InnoTab Max Review

Today’s guest post is from a very sweet friend of mine Jessica. Jessica is a mom of two; her oldest is currently in JK and her youngest is a busy boy toddler who keeps her on her feet.  I look forward to sharing Jessica’s in-depth reviews and mama knowledge here on inRdream.com. Last … [Read more...]

Girls Nice List: Maplelea Girl Hockey Gear + School Desk & Locker

Canadian 18 inch dolls Maplelea Girls, American Girl for Canadian Girls

When you’re the only little girl with three brothers sometimes play naturally becomes all about the boys and their toys. I am happy our little girl naturally enjoys playing with her brothers but at the same time it is important for her to play with "girl toys" too! When Taryn came into our house … [Read more...]

Girls & Boys 1-12: Mattel Top Holiday Toys 2014

Mattels top toys http://mattelholiday.ca/ Holiday toys

The other day I was at an appointment and there was a young man who had no kids. He said to me "Wow you're a mom of four? I need to pick your brain on what type of toys to buy for all the children on my nice list."  Of course on my blog was a great starting point. However,  I was also recently … [Read more...]

Tween & Teen Nice List: Sphero Ollie Review

Gift Guide Reviews

Tis' the season for gifting but what if you have a tween or tween on your list? Sometimes it can be a struggle to nail down the right gift to match their style, mood and likes. One thing I have learnt is that everyone loves a robot. I actually wrote about our love of robots the other day in this … [Read more...]

Changing At The Speed of Baby: Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ #fpsmartstages

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair the baby show in Toronto #FPsmartstages

In The Toy Box As young parents we learnt quickly that rotating toys is a must if you plan on keeping your children educated and entertained in the playroom. We actually have a spare bedroom that we call 'the toy box'. The door has a lock on it and when the kids are done with their toys they can … [Read more...]

A Canadian Doll for a Canadian Girl Maplelea Girls Review

Maplelea Girl Canadian Doll Taryn Review

Canadian Pride There is something deep down inside that speaks to us Canadian's when we see a Maple leaf. I seem to get all warm and fuzzy when I see a maple leaf as a logo or better yet, a big maple tree. At the same time marketing seems to brain wash our little girls to love a doll that … [Read more...]

Feed Your Child’s Brain with @skallops { #PTPAwinner Toy Review }


Desire to Build All four of our children have a desire to build. Something they have picked up from their daddy. From blocks to race tracks and stacking their food they are forever crafting a new creation. Anything to keep them learning hands on is a winner in my books. When I was introduced to … [Read more...]