Tell Me… What Will Happen in Your Chair this year? #BTSReady

Staples Office Chair

If it was possible to close your eyes and read this, I would say close your eyes. Instead please use your imagination as you continue to read on. Picture yourself in the setting I have laid out for you...... Picture This Chair Story Kindergarten Now think about yourself as a little girl or boy. … [Read more...]

Filling Our New Yellow Office With Dual Monitors & Pens From Staples Canada

Yellow Home Office. Samsung LS24D360HL/ZC 23.6" Simple LED Monitor. Staples Canada Review

This fall hubby and I decided that instead of spoiling each other with stuff this Christmas we would renovate an extra room in our main floor into an office space. This space still looked like it was from the 1980's when our house was built and the second last room left to paint in our dream … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet 2nd Gen { Staples Review }

Nexus 7 eye popping colour staples

Fast Moving As quick as time goes, so does technology. Keeping up to date is something I am not sure anyone can succeed at? As much as we try each season and brand comes out with another that will beat the last. In my small town there is one store we can count on that is keeping our small town … [Read more...]