Hydrating Dry Winter Skin Woes: Complimentary Skin Analysis With The beautyRx Tool


More than Work I wrote about it before, that I actually worked at Shoppers Drug Mart for seven years through the end of high school part-time and it was actually the full-time job I took after high school. I loved it there. Those women I worked with were like family to me. They really helped me … [Read more...]

What is your Hearts age? #TreatYourHeart ‘The Heart Age Calculator’ featured at Shoppers Drug Mart

Canadian Cardiovascular Society Shoppers Drug Mart is offering the The Heart Age Calculator

Frighten Call It was a few years ago we got a call that has since changed my views and knowledge on heart health. Someone within our family had a heart attack. Life without this someone would be a tragedy. I will never forget my husband going on the 6 hour drive north to be on her side. The … [Read more...]