Home Safety The Energy Efficient Way #PowerWhatsNext

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You may call me a helicopter parent because I hover around my children to keep them safe. I've been working on stepping back, especially now that our kids are getting older. But trust me, having four children in five years, I spent a lot of helicopter moments in and around the house keeping them out … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Intuition!

Child with huge heart

Since the moment you first found out you were pregnant, your Mother intuition kicks in. You line your shower with slip proof mats. You stop drinking herbal teas, eating lunch meat; sushi is no longer your occasional craving. You cut down on coffee, eat more vegetables, drink more water and read … [Read more...]

Summer Safety Tips

Nicole Yontz is a stay at home mom in Arizona and a personal blogger at TheBetterHalfBlogs.com. Summer is upon us, unless you’re on the east coast, then you are still deeply embedded in winter and I am sad for you. But for the rest of us, especially those of us here in Arizona, summer is in full … [Read more...]