These Women’s Shoes Will Turn Heads & Keep Your Feet Happy

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Do you give your feet enough credit? Are your women's shoes comfortable & stylish? Think about it; you've pretty much been on your feet EVERY.SINGLE.DAY since you could walk. Your feet carry you on every journey you take. Your first trip to school, your first soccer game, your first date, they … [Read more...]

Packing for Italy: Why I am Taking These With Me

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Lately, Google has been my BFF. I've been asking Google everything from where to eat when in Rome to what type of bathing suit to wear on the beaches of Puglia. Because Wednesday, hubby and I are off to Italy to celebrate 20 blissful years of togetherness and 14 years of marriage!  Based on my … [Read more...]

Always Ending Up In The Mud! + #PGmom Giveaway

Always ending up in the mud. Removing mud from clothes. Mud and kids

Spring has sprung and that means the kids are always ending up in the mud! Have you heard the country song "Mud" from The Road Hammers? Back In The Old Days It actually takes me back to our teen years when hubby and I did a lot of off-roading in his Blazer. Each weekend we were playing in the … [Read more...]

The Unique Daily Ritual Of Lampe Berger Review

Lampe Berger Paris Review Canada

Stale Air Now that the cooler months have arrived it is rare that I open my windows. The other day I cooked some white fish, I knew the house was starting to smell a little fishy. I didn't want my hubby walking into a wall of fish when he walked into the door after work, so I lit my Lampe Berger … [Read more...]

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer Review

Braun No touch + forehead thermometer review

It Happens Being a mom of four there has been no shortage of snotty nose, fever colds around our house. I try my hardest to keep those nasty germs away from my children but I cannot stop what naturally is going to happen. Children get colds. We as parents can do our best to prevent those germs from … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking Again: Project Life | by Stampin’ Up Review

Project Life | by Stampin' Up

Nap Time Getaway The first scrapbook I ever completed was capturing the first year of Miss C's life. I documented her first everything in an old fashion scrapbook, with hand written notes, real pictures, stickers, little keepsakes. It was a hobby I fell in love with that first year well I was on … [Read more...]

Turbo FAST Launches on @Netflix_CA December 24th + #Giveaway


Keeping it clean. As a mom to three boys I know it is natural to love speed, wrestling each other and competition. At the same time I know they need to keep grounded and I need to limit anything that will turn their fun play into negative actions.  I am finding it harder these days as my boys grow … [Read more...]

Posterjack Gallerybox Review: Preserving Our Travels

Posterjack Gallerybox review

Lost in the Mix In today's modern world you take a picture and it may sit on your SD card or computer for the length of its existence. Even the day's of handmade scrap-booking have disappeared. Which is why I love, Canada’s photo-to-art experts. They just launched a new design worthy … [Read more...]

Last Minute Tuck { SANTA PAWS 2: THE SANTA PUPS } Heart-Warming Adventure


Tuck This in the Tree Are you looking for a last-minute gift to tuck snug in your tree for the kids to see on Christmas morning? I love it when all the gifts are open and they look up in the tree only to find just one more peeking at them. Nothing beats snuggling up with a warm hot coco and … [Read more...]