Canadian Backyard Ice Rink Party: Nikon MOM Captures Memories #NikonMOMents

Nikon Canada Nikon Moments, Canadian Backyard Ice Rink, Canadian Winter Skating Party

Over the course of the next 6 months follow hashtag #NikonMOMents for social shares from the Nikon MOMents team. Each of us will be posting five personal events where we will capture our memories at the heart of the image! This is my third NikonMOMents event from my five part series. Read my … [Read more...]

Savoring the Memories of 2015 #12PrintsProject with Posterjack!

Posterjack Canada 12PrintsProject Capturing memories

No way my kids will grow. It wasn't until my kids became toddlers that I started to realize the wise words of many mothers to me "Enjoy every moment of them today, time goes quick." No way did I every think our four kids would be 8, 7, 5, 3 - no way! Guess what it happened and the past seems to be … [Read more...]