Clown, Pilot, Kangaroo, Dad you’ve been there #ThanksBaby + #PGmom giveaway

Father's Day, Pampers Dad, Best Dad, Father's Day 2015, Kids and Daddy playing, Canadian Dad

This weekend is the weekend to celebrate all the men who are Daddy, Papa, Dad, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa to name a few. To celebrate all they do for their children and grandchildren. The important roles they play in the lives of the small people who look up to them. The roles you may never expected to … [Read more...]

Always Ending Up In The Mud! + #PGmom Giveaway

Always ending up in the mud. Removing mud from clothes. Mud and kids

Spring has sprung and that means the kids are always ending up in the mud! Have you heard the country song "Mud" from The Road Hammers? Back In The Old Days It actually takes me back to our teen years when hubby and I did a lot of off-roading in his Blazer. Each weekend we were playing in the … [Read more...]

Best New Product Award Goes Too! + #PGmom


This year marks my 3rd year being a P&G Mom! I remember the first time P&G reached out to me about the opportunity it quickly felt like a pinch me moment. With more brand than I can list, P&G has been a global success since my Great-Great-Grandma was washing her clothes with Ivory … [Read more...]

Teaching Generosity To Children Through Kindness

Clean water advocate Jason Priestley

If you are a regular reader on you would know kindness is a huge part of my passion. Last year our family purchased and asked our sponsors to also donate in our Mountain of Kindness filled with gifts and personal items for families in our communities. This personal goal quickly turned … [Read more...]

Random Act Of Kindness to a #TideColdHero In Honour of My Gramma

School Crossing guard Kawartha Lakes Ontario, Tide Coldwater Hero, #TideColdHero #PGmom P&G MOM, P&GMom,

Once upon a time there was an incredible women who took so much pride in her daily routine. A routine that took place in any element Mother Nature gave her. Rain, fog, heat, the bitter cold winter when we all were hibernating in the warmth of our homes, offices or cars. She with pride stood at her … [Read more...]

Santa, Don’t Forget The Batteries

Transformers: Age of Extinction Chomp and Stomp Grimlock Duracell Batteries Power Smiles

Be honest, have you been here -> It is Christmas Eve and as you're perfectly placing the children's gifts around the tree, it clicks instantly in that moment - you forgot to get batteries! You either:  Run to the battery over stock hoping to find just enough for Tommy's new Transformer. Hop … [Read more...]

Preparing For Overnight Holiday Guest #PGmom

PG mom Holiday Home Giveaway

During the holidays we are very lucky to have all our family from both sides within an hour drive. Which means we don't get out of town guest, but at the same time I believe being ready for an over night crash is always a great idea.  Transform your home into a hotel for the holidays  With a … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids To Do Laundry: Tide Pods Free & Gentle Review #PGmom

Tide Pods Review - Teaching kids to do laundry

Domestic Dislike My weekly laundry consist of over six loads of clothing in my over sized washing machine + sheets and blankets for six beds + six coats when they need washed and anything else that needs to be washed that week. I lose count and the days of laundry fade into each other. I will admit … [Read more...]

Use Your Common Cents Day – Twitter Party RVSP #CommonCentsDay #PGmom

P&G is launching Use Your Common Cents Day to educate Canadians on saving made simple

Is Your Back Up? There is one topic over the years I have noticed that will get most couples in a heated in conversation. No matter how much you’re on the same page, it can add stress to the best of couples. We definitely have had our ups and downs as a couple when it comes to money but our end … [Read more...]

It Takes A Team: Man Clean Tips + Swiffer #ManClean #PGmom

Man cleaning tips Swiffer man Clean

Success Together This pass weekend my husband and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary. There are many things we both do to contribute to our lifestyle, our home, our children and our relationship to make it to 12 years married. We both give 100% of ourselves to each other. There is no … [Read more...]