Let Their Imagination Run Wild #PlayAdvocate + Giveaway

2015 Little People® Animal Friends Farm

Examples of Imaginative Play This morning I was reading a book to little O and the characters in the story were using their full imagination. They were pirates and their ship was the picnic table, they made a sail out of a stick and some clothes and an anchor out of more sticks. It looked rather … [Read more...]

Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me – Children Book Review

Sharing Is Love- My Sister and Me (Sharing Is Love) Children who won't share. Teaching About Sharing

One thing that I have learnt having a houseful of kids is that sharing doesn't come naturally. It takes teaching to bring your kids together and a lot of patience's is required. Another thing I have learnt is that once taught the rewards of sitting back watching you children play nicely together is … [Read more...]

Parenting The Dolphin Way: Without Turning Into A Tiger {Book Review} @PenguinCanada @drshimikang

The Dolphin Way Shimi K Kang

Many years ago in the middle of tantrums with a toddler, I had a feeling of lost over take me and my father in law said something that has stuck deep inside me since. Along with his personal advice as a father and papa, he pointed us into the direction of books. He said "you are not the first to … [Read more...]