Family Travel On The Coast and Land of Daytona Beach

Dancing in the Ocean on Daytona Beach - the original American beach

Big Family Travel: Turning A Page Leaving the falling temperatures of fall behind this November, has been something I have dreamed of for so long. We've been patient, having 4 children in 5 years forced us to put our travel dreams on hold. During those years we sorted out life as parents and worked … [Read more...]

Family Day at the Races with Canadian Tire @CTMPOfficial #ctmp #NASCAR Experience

Nothing beats the winning NASCAR truck Chase Elliott #94 pulling donuts on corner 3 after a big WIN.

Ever since Mr L was a toddler his love for racing has been strong, with determination that he will be a NASCAR racer when he grows up. With children their "when I grow up..." dreams can change almost daily. With Mr L it hasn't, his determination is showing signs of a dream he has his mind-set out … [Read more...]

Beauty In The Air { WW }

This past weekend we spent at the race track for NASCAR Camping World Truck-Chevrolet Silverado 250 @ Canadian Tire MotorSport in Bowmanville Ontario. ( More on the event in another post. ) We were graced by a mini air show and daddy caught this shot on our new Canon SX50. Enjoy!

How did you spend the last weekend before school?  Thank you for reading In R Dream!   … [Read more...]