Keep Connected Internationally — Thanks To Monster Canada

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Roaming through my pictures of our romantic trip to Italy, I cannot help but smile. Bringing Monster Canada to Italy with us allowed us to never missed a beat when it came to parenting our children at home. We were connected emotionally, connected internationally and digitally every moment we needed … [Read more...]

Monster SuperStar BackFloat Is Made For Active Lifestyles

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I’ve always been a lover of music. During my teenage years, music took me away and allowed me to get lost in my pondering thoughts. Music helped me release my words in poetry. I spend many nights with my boyfriend (now husband) just cruising around listening to beats on a Saturday night. He had a … [Read more...]

Encouraging Little Ones to Express Themselves Through Music

Plugged in to work.

As I sit here and type, I am plugged into Songza, streaming a no lyrics playlist called instrumental hip hop beats. My working playlists change with my mood, one day it could be a mellow jazz and the next day I am clicking to my key pad to a no lyrics playlist called ambient. I've always been … [Read more...]