Happy Meal Books + Tips To Keep The Kids Reading All Summer

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The kids are counting down the days till schools out for the summer. This mom of four is preparing routines, charts, playdates and camping trips to keep everyone happy, including me. One thing I know for sure we will be doing is reading a lot of books together thanks to the new  Happy Meal Books … [Read more...]

Fresh Veggies just for you Canada! Thanks McDonalds for listening. @McD_Canada

Signature McWrap® Mediterranean Veggie and Santa Fe Veggie

There once was a time where I did not eat meat, I was a teenager and exploring my options. Although now I do enjoy a burger or steak, I still enjoy vegetarian options as part of our weekly menus. When I seen that McDonald's grabbing the attention of vegetarians and health conscious Canadian's … [Read more...]

i’m lovin’ it New Signature McWrap #SavourtheFlavour


Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to an intimate picnic lunch with a focus on the new Signature McWrap, along with a few fabulous ladies including Anne Parks, Director of Menu Management for McDonald’s Canada. Who is Anne Parks? She is a Canadian woman who loves whole foods, living in … [Read more...]