28 Ways To Say I love you Without Spending Money

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Although we are madly in Love, Valentine’s Day has never been a big celebration in our home. All I need is a homemade dinner and snuggles. Much like other holiday's on the calendar I personally find them materialized far too much. I don't need another card; I don't need anything with a sparkly heart … [Read more...]

Once Upon A Time: Missing You Gifts For The Kids

Missing you gifts, gifts for kids when you are travelling without them, travelling without kids

Days, months and years past. The lima bean that was once in your belly is now 10 years old. It all happened in the blink of an eye. The last time you and your husband took of on a romantic getaway leaving the kids for more than two nights was before your once lima bean was only a dream. The idea … [Read more...]

Five Tips To A Happy Heart #ONatural

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Heart Health Is Important Keeping my families heart health in check is at the top of my priorities. I spilled it all in this post - What is Love without our Health? About that time I wasn't putting heart health at the top of my priorities and my health was on a downward spiral. Never again will … [Read more...]

What Would You Do If You Won $400 US?

My Sweet Valentine's day

With Valentine's day almost here I thought you may like a juicy giveaway. What would you do with $400 US?  If I won $400 US I would book a romantic night away. Maybe we'd visit Bay of Quinte for a wine tour, or spend the day on the slopes at Horseshoe Resort without the kids. We've always wanted to … [Read more...]

Tips To Prepare For A Date Night Out

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You've booked your babysitter for a night on the town with your Valentine. The day's leading up can be full of anxiety because for us busy mothers of little kids Date Night Happens or it Doesn't. Since date nights comes so few and far between they do deserve a new outfit, shoes or at least some new … [Read more...]

The Power Of The Everyday Effect, I Challenge You! #PGmom


What did you get for Valentines? In a few weeks or months will it really matter? Do you remember what you got last year? Or the year before? It's sad to say I don't remember what my amazing husband got me last year or the valentines before. I do know that he makes everyday extra special and wins my … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Challenge: Saying I Love You Without Money.

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Valentine’s Day isn't a big celebration in our home. An excellent dinner, snuggles and anything containing chocolate will do just fine. I believe each day we should take a moment or two to show, or say a simple “I love you.” How can you say “I love you” daily? A simple touch can mean more than … [Read more...]