Discover Muskoka: Arrowhead Provincial Park Ice Skating Trail

Arrowhead Provincial Park Ice Skating Trail

Last week I posted an article "Best of our Canadian Winter Family Day Mini Vacation in Muskoka"  however it was missing a huge part of our mini vacation. Before we arrived at Ontario Pioneer Camp we arrived at Arrowhead Provincial Park with our ice skates in hand.  Arrowhead Provincial Park Ice … [Read more...]

Hockey Fans Nice List: FWD Powershot & Urbanears Bagis

Homemade Ice Rink Canadian Winter, FWD Powershot sensor for hockey sticks

It is a Canadian Thing In Canada we boost pride on our cold Canadian winters, although being cold is not my idea way to spend a day. It does give me a proud Canadian feeling sitting outside with a warm hot cocoa sitting by the fire and watching my family enjoy our homemade ice rink.  Yes, … [Read more...]