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Our three boys always have a Hot Wheel car in their back pocket. These tiny toys have provided 1000's of hours of entertainment in our home. They are the gift they are happiest to receive; they are the toy the children choose to bring everywhere we go, and Hot Wheels are the toy that has opened up … [Read more...]

Girls & Boys 1-12: Mattel Top Holiday Toys 2014

Mattels top toys Holiday toys

The other day I was at an appointment and there was a young man who had no kids. He said to me "Wow you're a mom of four? I need to pick your brain on what type of toys to buy for all the children on my nice list."  Of course on my blog was a great starting point. However,  I was also recently … [Read more...]

Boys Nice List: Two Super Cool Hot Wheels R/C Reviews

Hot Wheels High Jump R/C Review Hot Wheels Coloring shifting review

In our house we heart everything about Hot Wheels. They are simple cars that are the most used toys in our house. The kids fill their pockets with Hot Wheel cars when they go out; there is always a Hot Wheel car in their bag for school. The best part about Hot Wheels is even if you don't have the … [Read more...]

Attention Teachers & Parents! FREE Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Learning Program

Attention Teachers & Parents! FREE Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Learning Program + Giveaway

With Pride Last week we received the kid’s report cards and with great anticipation we read them together. I was happy to look over and see the smiles they were wearing on their face, they were proud to show mommy and daddy just how hard they have been working these past few months. Learning is fun … [Read more...]

Building Hot Wheels Ultimate Track #HWTrackBuilder + Two Contests

Building Hot Wheels Ultimate Track #HWTrackBuilder

Hardwired I will never forget the first time our oldest son Linc grabbed a car and started to vroom it. It was so natural and wasn't coached. After having a girl first it was a moment I will never forget. Six years later and two more boys, I have plainly seen that it is almost hardwired in a boys … [Read more...]