Find Your Lost Car Keys, Cell Phone With Tile Mate + Giveaway

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Picture This: You're on your way out the door, you're already late. The kids are dressed and waiting for you which means the fighting between siblings is starting. You grab your purse, reach for your keys on the way down the front stairs and in a panic, dig, dig and dig some more. Where are my … [Read more...]

Swimming Pond vs. Swimming Pool Showdown #eieihome

Swimming pool, Toes in Swimming Pool. Swimming pool vs. Swimming pond.

Victoria-Day weekend is the weekend most pool owners open the backyard pool. Well, it was for us when we owned our first home. We had a beautiful 30' long above ground pool, beautifully landscaped and wrapped into the 3-tier deck. Our pool was the center focus of our backyard, and we made many … [Read more...]

Your Cold And Flu Survival Guide

Tips For Dealing with Cold and Flu's in your home

So it happened, just as it always does. You armed yourself with everything To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home, but somehow it made its way through your tough exterior. Your week or two of misery is here and now you need to know how to survive. No worries I have your back, … [Read more...]

Belly Laughs & Tips On Gifting Photo Art This Holiday #12PrintsProject + Contest

Belly Laughs at Pumpkin Patch

Over the next few months follow hashtag #12PrintsProject for social shares from seven Canadian parenting, design, and lifestyle bloggers – one being moi! Each of us have been posting photographs that speak to our heart, each print tells a story and we are sharing our stories with you. These prints … [Read more...]

Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home

Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home

No matter how much we dream of the warm sun on our backs and the kids running through the long grass, summer is a distant memory and the cold and flu season has arrived. Is your family prepared for cold and flu season? With more than 100 viruses that can cause a cold, I am doing everything in my … [Read more...]

Peace Of Mind With D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor Review

D Link Water sensor review

Not sure where this advice came from but someone along the way someone told me to always make sure my washing machine and dishwasher run only when I am home. Those words have been strong in the back of my mind for my 16 years as a homeowner. In saying that, I cannot recall a time when I had my … [Read more...]

Bubble, Bubble, BOIL and No More Trouble! #15MinReno Cleaning Tips

Before and After using Magic Eraser

Halloween is full of scary characters but there’s nothing scarier than dirt, scuffs, stains and spills.  This Halloween, Mr. Clean is here to chase away the monster messes with #15MinReno tips. Bubble, Bubble, BOIL and Trouble! It happens to us all. We add noodles to a boiling pot of water for … [Read more...]

Tackling #15MinReno’s Before The Guests Arrive!

Before and After using Magic Eraser

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. Fall is when my husband and I started to date 19 years ago (yes, I said 19). Fall is also the time of year we sealed our love with marriage, we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary. The scent of apples, cloves, cinnamon and the taste of pumpkin, … [Read more...]

Tell Me… What Will Happen in Your Chair this year? #BTSReady

Staples Office Chair

If it was possible to close your eyes and read this, I would say close your eyes. Instead please use your imagination as you continue to read on. Picture yourself in the setting I have laid out for you...... Picture This Chair Story Kindergarten Now think about yourself as a little girl or boy. … [Read more...]

Do you have the 3 P’s? #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 04/21

Buying your first home #RBCFirstHome

Our First Home We bought our first home when I was 18 and my hubby was 21, it was very bitter-sweet. Learning how to run a house at such a young age was a challenge and there were definitely moments we kicked back in excitement and did this. -> We lived in our first home for 10 years, we did … [Read more...]